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Why Did Instagram Bots Gain Such a Popularity?

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What is worth knowing about the Instagram phenomenon and how to promote your account for an aspiring blogger or business profile owner? First of all, you should understand, Instagram has stopped being just an entertaining social network for admirers of photos and funny pictures a long time ago. Today it is a serious business tool with great potential. The platform helps to get high sales and income levels, even if the IG profile is your only commercial online platform. Instagram also bypasses other social networks in terms of engagement and speed of interaction with the audience. About 500 million active users enter the app every day, 90% of whom are younger than 35 years old. More than a third of IG users use a mobile phone for purchases, which significantly increases the chances of sales growth of the brand represented on this platform.

Your success on Instagram depends on your activity, on the way of your interaction with the audience, and on the frequency of publications, etc. Working on IG promotion by your own forces is too time-consuming, and hiring specialist for that is too expensive. Is there any alternative? Yes, it’s an Instagram bot. To know what it is that and why it is so popular among Instagrammers, keep reading!

What is an Instagram bot?

An Instagram bot is a tool which offers the automation of all your activity on Instagram: liking, commenting, following, posting, etc. It’s algorithms facilitate the imitation of the behavior of a real human. That in its turn allows quality promotion bypassing the risk of Instagram blocks.

Let’s dig into IG bots’ functionality and how they can help you and your business to gain success!

What is the functionality?

  1. Targeting settings

IG bots introduce the targeting settings by hashtags, usernames, and location.

  • Hashtag targeting. You enter the list of tags which your possible TA is supposed to use. You may use such tags as #picoftheday, and #instadaily is you want to attract a wide audience, and more specific ones to attract only target audience. For instance, if you run a apartment rental business, one of your TA sectors may be tourists. To attract them adjust targeting by tags #world #explore #travel #travelgram #travelholic #travelling #traveler #travelbook.
  • Usernames targeting. Specify your competitors or other famous accounts. IG bot will work with their audience – people they like, follow, comment on and people who follow them.
  • Location targeting. Add the location where IG bot should look for your potential audience. That will be for extreme use for local businesses.

Most advanced IG bots enable additional filters to make your targeting more precise.

  • Gender filter. For some users and commercial accounts, the gender of their audience plays a vital role. The artificial intelligence algorithms of a bot fill identify the gender of a particular account user.
  • Languages filter. If you are focused on the audience which speaks a particular language, point it out to make your promotion more accurate.

If your aim of promotion is to get as many followers as possible, you may not make use of the narrow targeting. But if you run your own business or a theme blog, the narrower your TA is, the higher your chances for success will be.

Adjust targeting setting to narrow the search for your TA!

By the way, some bots offer to add some usernames, tags, and location to the Blacklist in order bot can skip them while interacting with TA.

  1. Auto like bot

IG bot work according to the strategy of mass-liking. It will leave your likes under the posts of your TA. It triggers the mutual interest of your TA, and they are more likely to follow you. The right bots offer to point out the number of likes you want to leave for each of those accounts. Moreover, more advanced bots can like accounts’ Feed and Comments. That enhances people’s trust in your interest and involvement.

  1. Auto follow bot

Auto follow bot addresses strategy of mass-following. Which is also build according to the principle of reciprocity. IG bot follows only TA of yours drawing their attention, and they are to follow you back. That’s a simple but efficient concept.

  1. Auto unfollow bot

Sometimes it happens that those who you follow do not follow you back. And in results, you see more followings than follows. That makes a bad impression on your potential customers and fans. That’s why auto unfollow bot is crucial for your strategy. It can unfollow either only new, not mutual follows (which are made by the bot), or all not mutual, or even unfollow everyone. It’s up to you.

  1. Auto posting

That’s one of the most useful tools for any promo-campaign. For your followers, your content would be small in importance if you do not post it regularly, once or twice a day at least. With IG bot’s function of scheduled posting, you have a chance to plan your content publishing. Specify the time of publication, take into account the best time to post on Instagram, do not forget about your TA timezone.

  1. Auto DMs

Direct Messages is one of the most productive tools for sales and for maintaining the high level of audience engagement (ER.) Using this functionality, you create personal contact with your potential customer or blog supporter. Of course, you need to write 9-10 patterns for a bot to send them. Let them be beautiful greetings and welcoming messages, exotic, special offers and so one. Be sure, you’ll see good results of its work.

  1. Auto commenting

Comments is another way of communicating with the audience. The high number of comments under your posts speak for the high level of ER and loyalty of your audience. To motivate people to leave their comments, just use IG bot to comment on their posts. Again, write around 10 appealing comments which can catch the eye of your TA.

  1. Hashtag generator

The promotion via hashtags is one of the most productive ways of getting new audience fast and for free. The only rule here is to find original relevant and suitable tags for each IG post. To ease the burden use a hashtags generator. It’s AI algorithms produce the list of proper tags by a keyword, a photo, and a URL. With it, it’s much easier and faster to come up with new tags for your posts.

  1. Stories viewing

That’s not the primary function, but a useful additional feature which some of the bots offer. To boost people’s trust, you can use IG bot to view Stories automatically. It attracts attention, it makes people believe in your genuine interest.

  1. Statistics

To understand whether your promotion strategy works out or not you need to track statistics. Ig bot introduces up-to-the-minute statistics on the number of new follows, comments, likes, Feed likes, Stories views. Moreover, it will provide you with the analyses: the engagement rate and audience loyalty. There you can see the number of interactions your IG bot conducts. Thus, you will understand how your promotional policy should be changed and upgraded to reach the best results.

So why is it popular?

First of all, it is able-to-get for everyone: for a schoolboy, for a young mom with a hobby, for an aspiring businessman. It is not pricey (around $30 per month) and easy to use – most of them are cloud servers which do not require downloading the app.

Second, it demonstrates brilliant results: instant likes and follows, increased sales, boosted ER. It directly depends on the number of bot’s interactions with the TA. The higher this number, the better results you get.

Third, it promises security. As I already mentioned, AI algorithms operate strictly within the IG limits, so there are no risks of being banned. Moreover, some bots offer free proxy servers to maintain the security level and provide anonymity on the Net.

As you see, there are strong reasons why people use Ig bots with ever-increasing frequency. If you still doubt, put it to the test, take a trial. I wish you success in your promotion!



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