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Your Guide to Getting More Followers on Your Business Instagram

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Instagram for your business is just as important as any marketing tool out there. When you consider that over 1 billion people use this app every month its relevance grows even further. The number of followers that you get for your company’s account ultimately decides your success. Get more, earn more!

If you want to increase brand awareness and drive sales, you will need to increase your Instagram followers. Here is a guide that should show you how to do that quickly and easily!

Know Your Hashtags

Ever since its release, Instagram turned hashtags into a universally recognizable feature of social media. This small tool has become so popular that many users have forgotten how to use it. To grow your business on the network, you need to master it completely.

Essentially, you should separate hashtags in 3 categories:

  • Hashtags that speak about your business
  • Hashtags that speak about your industry
  • Hashtags that are popular in your niche, but do not necessarily refer to your activity

The first ones are quite straightforward. These are the hashtags that contain your name, your brand and your slogan. You must include them in every post you make.

The hashtags that speak about your industry may contain names of products and services that are popular in your field of work. For example, if you activate in the shoemaking niche, hashtags like #shortlaces and #highheels may be popular.

Lastly, if you monitor the hashtags in your industry, you may discover that some of them have no relevance to your activity, but they are still immensely popular. If we go back to the shoemaking niche example, you may find that #newyorkshoes or #chicagoheels attract plenty of daily traffic.

These are geolocation hashtags that you should follow to discover what their followers like the most. Next, you apply your content to match their preferences, and you might as well attract some of them to your following list.

Post More User-Generated Content

An efficient way of getting more Instagram users to follow your account is to post the content that relates to your business.

Unless you have just started your company, you will have a pleasant surprise to see that people already tag you in their posts. Some of them create content specifically to mention your business, products or services.

Look for the posts that mention your profile, and repost them in your feed. Shout out to the original posters or tag them back. This small gesture will go a long way, and it will tell other users that you appreciate them. It will convert them into followers and boost the loyalty of those who already follow you.

Invest in High-Quality Followers

One of the best ways to get more followers on your business Instagram is to pay for them. It may seem like a cheap trick, but everybody does it. From the biggest companies to the smallest influencers, everyone is investing in high-quality followers.

You can get more followers for a small price by working with social media experts like InstaGrowing. Boost your business account on Instagram with proper quality users that enhance your following list. It is one of the quickest and safest methods of building a powerful brand on Insta without wasting time.

Team Up With Another Instagram Business

More than 75% of U.S. businesses advertise their products and services on Instagram. This staggering number offers a significant amount of competitors regardless of the niche that you choose.

Instead of looking at this Instagram statistic with despair, you can benefit from it by turning the competition into a teammate.

Look for reliable collaborators in your niche that have plenty of followers. Propose a partnership that benefits both of you. For example, if you produce shoes, and they make shoelaces, you can combine your powers and come up with a product that brings profit to both companies.

When you advertise a partnership on Instagram, you reach a wide audience that may exist only in the following list of your partner company. It is a great chance of increasing your followers with their admirers and improving the social proof of your business.

Promote Your Instagram Account Everywhere

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make when looking to increase their Instagram followers is trying to attract them on IG only.

You need to think outside the box and look for alternative channels of promotion. Of course, Instagram has plenty of potential customers that you can lure in to follow your business. But, these users live outside the network, too. They go out, socialize, and they spend their time on other social platforms.

You can get them to follow your business account by asking them to do so through other social media networks. Upload your Insta posts on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to get their attention. Additionally, you can use traditional print advertising to promote your account in newspapers or billboards.

Guide Followers to Your Business

Last, but not least, a good way of getting more followers on your business Instagram is to have a stellar bio page.

When people first discover your Insta profile, they want to read a short description of your business. So, be concise in describing your activity and your purpose on your bio page. Long paragraphs will only make them exit your account just as quickly as they entered it.

Next, add a link to your company’s website. Instagram users that want to find out more about your services will gladly follow it. This small addition will increase the traffic you get on your blog and potentially drive sales. In the long run, this all-inclusive offering will build you a loyal following for your business account on Instagram.

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