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How to Improve Instagram Ads CTR

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These days, social media has evolved from being a fun social activity center to a business promotion center. Different social media sights are being used for increasing the reputation of the company’s profile and also for improving the sales ratio. One of the popular social media platforms is Instagram. Different companies try to promote their content on Instagram to have more attention.

There are different methods to gain the attention of Instagram users. Companies and users try to advertise their products so the maximum number of users can be interested. If you want to check the success rate of your advertisement, you’ll need to check the number of users diverted on your page or account after clicking on your advertised link. This procedure of checking the success rate of your advertisement is CTR or click-through ratio.

Different users are following a separate approach for advertisement which decided their CTR. However, I have found out in a study that almost 93% of your money can get wasted if you are not following proper ways to improve your CTR.

There are multiple ways to increase your Instagram CTR and fan engagement. I want to mention a few of those methods here below.

1. Know when to post

You want your Instagram followers to respond to your posts regularly. To ensure the fan engagement, you need to know how often you should post on your Instagram account. You don’t need to create the bulk of posts daily. Experts suggest that only 1-2 posts daily are enough for fan engagement. The critical point is to realize when you should post your content. To determine the timing, you have to understand the habit of your fans. You can take help from Instagram insights that will help you understand the time on which the maximum number of users are online on Instagram. Content posted on this accurate time will have a better click-through ratio than other content.

2. Tell a Story

You should realize that social media is not a platform preaching your ideas or forcing users to change their habits. Instagram, like other social media platforms, should be used to inspire your fans. You need to regularly post inspiration content so your followers can like, share and comment on your account frequently.

3. Create Your Brand

If you want to earn revenue through Instagram, then your account should be different from other Instagram accounts. You need to create a brand on Instagram to have a distinct existence. First of all, you need to have a professional profile picture that represents your company. I want to recommend that it is better to have your company logo in the profile picture along with a tagline. Further, all of your posts should have the same color scheme and feel that it should reflect that these are pointing towards the equal company.

An important step which is often missed by individuals and companies is responding to the customers and fans. Only investing in the Instagram advertisement isn’t enough to be successful. You should have your customers feel your existence on Instagram and reply to their questions and comments.

4. Buying Likes and Comment

If you are doing all the required steps to make an existence on Instagram, but still your CTR isn’t satisfying for your company growth, then you should focus on some other steps. One of the popular steps is purchasing likes and comments from a third party. You may have heard negative points of buying Instagram likes and comments, but I want to mention here that investing in buying likes and comments is not a bad option. Your organization will have multiple advantages after purchasing comments and likes. Most important of all the advantages is that you will gain popularity on Instagram very quickly than other users. As more people are attracted to your Instagram account, you will have a better click-through ratio, and your advertisement will be more effective.

Further; you will gain credibility on Instagram by purchasing likes and followers. I have observed this personally that the company that already has a fan following is trusted more than a new account. You can ask from any company which exists on Instagram, and you’ll realize that gaining a credible reputation on Instagram is very difficult. However; after purchasing Instagram likes and comments, you make the users on Instagram realize that you already have a fan base that trusts your organization and services.

If you are a new Instagram user, it will take a lot of time and effort to gain credibility amongst users. So, it is ideal for you to invest a little amount for getting a few likes and comments so the Instagram users can realize that you already have a fan base on Instagram.

Where to buy Likes and Comments

If you have decided to purchase likes and comments from a third party, you need to select a perfect platform that provides this service because I have personally observed that many third parties are using fake methods to deliver likes and comments which results in the account getting banned from Instagram. So, I want to recommend BoostWolf.

It is a third-party social media service provider. The company provides a guarantee that your Instagram account will not be blocked if you purchase a service from them. For ensuring your account’s safety and security, Boost Wolf works with complete dedication and efficiency.

Further; an exciting policy of Boost Wolf is that if you aren’t happy with their services, they can give you a full refund. You need to contact their support team in case of a refund requirement and the team will not only solve your queries but will also guide you about the refund policy.


These are some of the ways to improve CTR and we really hope they’ll help you. Happy advertising!

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