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Improve Your Blog Writing Skills Through 7 Steps

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It is true that anyone can write a blog post, but that shouldn’t lead you to the conclusion that anyone can write a great blog post. Most bloggers have a problem to understand what the x-factor is; they don’t know how to engage their readers and make them wish to come back to their sites again and again. Besides being engaging, the blog post also has to be informative and different than what other similar blogs have already offered.

In order to build your reputation as a blogger, you should start following the seven steps provided below.

#1. Create and develop the right persona

Understanding your persona is one of the key factors of creating a successful blog. You shouldn’t focus your efforts solely to the readers who have potential of buying your services or products, but to all people who could become interested in the content you are providing and could share it with the rest of the world.

The blogs which are popular, interesting and worthwhile post news that travel fast throughout the entire world and attract thousands of readers. Your progress is dependent on the number of readers you attract, so make sure to understand your persona and create engaging content that will lead you to stellar success.

#2. Make your content concise and clear

You won’t get anywhere if your writing is too complicated. Create clear content that’s enjoyable to read – that is the only way to attract your readers to come back for more. Don’t try too hard to create long sentences that leave the reader without a clear impression of what you were trying to say.

There is an unwritten rule that a website article or blog post should be around 500 words – long enough to provide useful information, but not too long to become boring for the reader. This particular rule doesn’t work for blog writing; you need to evaluate what your readers are looking for and find the right dose that makes them happy.

There are no rules for the number of words when it comes to blog posts; in fact, some of the most successful posts feature a single, powerful sentence, but others need over 2000 words to deliver the right message and elaborate the topic in details. No matter how long your blog posts are, you have to remember that they need to be clear and enjoyable, and the reader should get your message without any misunderstandings.

#3. Be an expert

In the process of developing your distinctive blogging persona, you have to be aware that your readers are expecting to read posts from a true expert in the niche. If you manage to build your reputation, your readers will seek for more of your posts and they will see your site as a valuable source of the information they need.

You can accomplish this status by making sure that each of your posts is unique and based on relevant facts. You should also update your blog frequently and focus on providing useful information about your niche. Don’t try to post something new every single day just because you want to add more content, but try to create a schedule and stay consistent with it.

#4. Engage your readers and encourage interaction

Asking for the opinion of your readers is a simple trick that works every time. All blog readers would love to share their points of view, and you will gain a lot by inspiring a real discussion in the comments. As soon as more people start feeling like they are becoming a part of your blog, you can say to yourself that you are a successful blogger.

In order to achieve such interaction, you should definitely provide commenting space after each post. Don’t be afraid of negative reactions and don’t expect for everyone to be saying how great you are. Being a successful blogger is all about relationship building, but you have to stay real and expect real comments.

#5. Inspire your creativity with multimedia

A simple blog post can become much more effective if you include an illustrated graph, photograph, or an embedded video. Multimedia additions will not only break up the text and make it more readable, but they will also assist you in getting your point across in the clearest way. If your reader comes to your blog and sees an entire screen full of words and nothing more, you will lose them for good.

#6. Achieve the right tone

You have to check the tone of your marketing content and get that part write. Writing your posts has to come straight from your heart and inspiration – seeing that you are passionate about the topics you cover is the only way for your readers to start appreciating you.

This trick will help you check the tone of your writing: type your posts as you would say them out loud. Think about the content format, punctuation, choice of words, and sentence structure. Although paying attention to these technicalities is not your favorite thing in the world, it is important to let your personality shine through the right structure.

#7. Make use of examples

Bringing real-life examples to your posts is the best way to bring their content closer to the readers. If you have something complicated to explain, you can make it simpler by including case studies and stories from real life. Saying how something works may not be enough for your readers to understand it – tell your readers how it has helped other people in the past and associate it with real-life situations.


Implementing all tips listed above may sound too complicated if you are a newbie in the blogosphere, but you shouldn’t be worried, since even the most experienced and appreciated bloggers don’t get it right with all their posts. You have to accept the fact that some of your blog posts will go viral in minutes, but other won’t attract any attention. No one has achieved immediate success through blogging – it requires a lot of work, time and devotion to become appreciated in this sphere.

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