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How to Write Product Descriptions that Sell

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Do you own a retail business and want to take it forward with great strides? These days, you must focus on establishing an online presence. And when you’re looking to create a prominent presence online with your retail business, you must have one thing. That’s an e-commerce website. And that’s where writing product descriptions becomes relevant.

When you’re setting up an e-commerce website, you must use the images of the products. Do you believe in the phrase – love at first sight? You should ensure that your potential customers fall in love with the product the moment they see its image. But high-quality images are not enough to make your customers love your products enough to make them buy it. Even after including excellent product images, you might find that people are not buying stuff from your website as much as you would like them to.

So, what else do you need to ensure that people buy from your e-commerce website?

You need outstanding product descriptions.

Did you know?

These make your product descriptions even more important for selling stuff online. You have to write these descriptions in such a way that they can persuade the readers to buy the products from your e-commerce website. Now, that’s easier said than done. You have to follow lots of steps to ensure that the product descriptions are persuasive enough to attract people towards the stuff you’re selling.

So, how can you write product descriptions that sell?

Here’s a quick look at some of the product description writing tips, which are likely to help you sell your products from an e-commerce site.

Don’t Write – Speak

Are you aware who your target audience are? Who is going to buy your product?

Remember, when you’re planning to write the description for a product, you must focus on your target audience. And depending upon the type of product, you should consider the tone with which you should approach your audience.

No matter how you are writing to your customer, ensure that you’re speaking to them. Yes, instead of writing, speak to your customers through the words you’re typing.

A pertinent question might occur here: how can you speak to your customers when you’re writing a product description?

It’s not that difficult. Approach them personally with the product you’re selling. And you should also keep in mind a few writing tips. You must use a few words, such as ‘me’, ‘you’, and others, to create a sense of one-to-one conversation through the write-ups.

List the Features and Their Benefits

What are you planning to sell to your customers through the e-commerce website? Why are they going to buy the product? You must make the descriptions tempting enough to ensure that the customers feel attracted to the products.

Wondering what is the best way to do it?

You can use the features of the product to attract the attention of the customers. Select the best features and list them in the product description. According to a research, only 16% of the readers go through the whole content while reading on the web. So, you have to make them read the product description. You can share the features through bullet points so that the potential customers find it easy to read them.

When you’re sharing the best features of your product, try to include the benefits as well. Write in detail the benefits that each feature offers. It will come in handy for the customers and based on those points, they are going to like your product as well.

Justify the Adjectives You Use

You’re writing a product description. So, you will surely need to use adjectives. Nothing can describe your product better. But ensure that you justify the use of those adjectives.

If you’re saying that your product is the best in its genre, give necessary statistics to prove the point. Support the use of superlatives in a similar manner.

Remember, the adjectives are important to convince your customers. But, they are discerning enough and hence, would also look for data that support your claim.

Include a Call to Action

When you’re writing product descriptions, your task is cut out. You want the customers to buy your product. So, why not tell them directly to do so? That’s where the call to action is going to help you.

Include an effective call to action at the end of the product description you’re writing. Create a sense of urgency to ensure that people buy your product. Moreover, focus on the design of the call to action button as well.

Make Full Use of the Words

When you’re writing a product description to ensure that your target audience buys your product, you have only one weapon – WORDS. So, why not make full use of those?

One of the best ways to lure the customers with the product descriptions is to use sensory words. Ensure that you’re describing the products with the words that appeal to the senses. For example, if you are writing the descriptions for a garment, mention that it’s soft to touch and beautiful to the eyes.

Use sensory language. Sensory words are known to have the power to lure the customers to make them buy the products.


Writing product descriptions isn’t an easy task. The primary objective is to sell the products. So, you’ll have to know every detail about the product you’re writing for. But, you must be prudent while writing the description. Focus on the positive aspects of the product; include features that people are ready to pay for and set the tone right to convince the customers.

You’ll also need to keep the SEO factor in mind so that your write-ups rank high on SERPs for relevant keywords. That will help to increase the number of visitors to your page and thus, give better exposure to your product. The result: more leads and, in turn, better conversion. Remember, the product description can script the performance of your brand online. So, write excellent product descriptions that sell.

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