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How Content Marketing Is Predicted To Take Shape in 2018

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The digital marketing revolution we breathe in is taking a massive form with every new day. Content Marketing is definitely not spared by the upshots. To be in tune with the rapid transformations in the realm of content marketing, businesses now have their own proprieties in place.

Being on the edge of a generation led by technology, marketers are now unquestionably embracing and adapting these changing trends while employing

So, what will be the shape of content marketing in 2018? What are the predictions by marketing experts? Below is everything you need to know.

#1. A Strong Touch of Virtual Reality

71% of customers think a brand that uses Virtual Reality is forward thinking and thus is more engaging (Greenlight Insights).

Virtual Reality is the advancement in technology that is moving slowly but firmly, not only towards the ways companies promote their services, but also towards the manner customers get engaged with those brands. It holds the potential to change the future of content marketing.

Some brands have already welcomed Virtual Reality with open arms to attain a greater level of customer engagement. The expansiveness of this technology has restricted many brands to use it till now. However, it is predicted that it will get affordable in the future. Virtual reality is expected to generate revenue of up to 5.2 billion USD by 2018.

So, jump on the bandwagon of Virtual Reality (VR) to let your customers experience your services in ways that could never be achieved by standard marketing strategies.

#2. Mobile Acquisition Content Marketing Can’t Escape

Delivering relevant content to your prospects, no matter wherever they are, has become critical to digital marketing and it is predicted that more than 90% of the content will be consumed on mobile devices by 2018.

It implies that regardless of what stratagem you apply to your ‘content’, more than half of your audience will read that on their mobile devices.

As viewers are shifting their text and video preferences to smaller screens, more trends and technologies are heading, and will be headed more vehemently, towards turning the digital display into a coherent experience across different devices. Mobile content can include:

  • Mobile-friendly blogs
  • Mobile responsive apps
  • Videos made for mobiles
  • Optimization for emails and more

A well-planned content strategy certainly avoids short-lived trends. The mobile-first mantra, if followed, is capable of taking your business some extra-miles.

#3. Augmented Reality – The Changing Face of Content Marketing

Traced back from a couple of decades, Augmented Reality (AR) has finally started transforming the traditional forms of advertisements and promotions. Organizations are using AR, and there is no limit it can go. Augmented Reality can be defined as an advancing technology giving marketers the power to allow digital content – text, images or videos.

The app Pokemon Go, downloaded by over 100 million users, is a remarkable example of augmented reality.

Marketers and content marketing engineers are certain about their expectations from AR. Many brands have already stepped up in their ways of using it to alter their marketing experiences, and it is predicted that many are planning to go for it in future.

#4. Data-driven Content Powered By ‘Storytelling’

In future, just putting your content ‘out there’ won’t be enough. It will require effort and efficiency in understanding customers’ needs, preferences and experiences more than today. In simplest terms, the future of content marketing will be shaped by a form of marketing driven by data gathered from customer-behavior.

Big Data Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, and Chatbots are some brilliant examples of data-driven marketing.

The presence of data in marketing will be powered by the ways that will convey the content in a rather interesting manner. You can also call it as storytelling.

Content presented in a flow of the story is likely to engage more readers than the content stuffed with information and straight facts.

#5. Video Marketing To Modify The Face of Content

Content will be more than content in the coming years. Indeed, one cannot deny the relevance of text, but yes, videos are going to be the game changers. According to Forrester, one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words. Videos are likely to attract more audience than text based content.

Videos are accessible and viral in nature as people tend to share videos more than text or images. Video marketing when done right ensures that your audience knows who you are and what you do and that strengthens your brand identity.

It’s been predicted that Video will drive 80% of internet traffic by 2019. Have a look at some statistics given by Contently on the significance of video marketing:

  • Shoppers who view videos are 81% more likely to make a purchase than the non-viewers.
  • Inserting a video in email can increase CTR up to 300%.
  • 85% of small businesses are using or planning to use videos in their marketing campaigns.

Marketers are planning to invest best of their efforts while presenting videos in their content. Low costing and elevations in technology will make it easier to adapt videos in content marketing.

Some old trends with newest technologies that are going to mold the shape of content marketing in 2018:

  • Social media will be used as a major platform to promote brands rather than just an outlet to share.
  • Content will move towards personalization more than ever.
  • Email newsletters will increase the numbers of digital traffic.
  • The native advertisement will fit in the larger context of content marketing.

The future of content marketing is more than just ‘content’. It is going to be more innovative yet challenging that needs a smart investment in long-termed results.

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