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Five Tricks To Maximize Your Brand

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For any business, whether it be online or not, a logo plays an extremely critical part of the business’ identity. A logo or brand that captures the essence of your business and the attention of potential clients is only as good as its visibility in the marketplace.

Using logos strategically not only boosts your presence, but also promotes your brand in a way that is not pushy, but most opportune. The secret is knowing where to make your brand stand out for strategic exposure that results in maximum returns.

This starts with understanding where your business does business. If you package and deliver products, then packaging is a great place to place your logo. If you have a strong presence online, be sure to use smart online branding tips to gain maximum marketability.

We’ve listed five tricks to maximizing your brand that are easy to achieve and effective.

#1. Website Design

Most businesses these days have an online presence that usually involves a website. Make your website push your brand by designing a logo that people will notice and remember. Your domain name should be catchy and easy to remember, as well, because it will be what they type in and what people ask for when they want to know where to get great products.

A favicon, which is the little icon you see just before the full site name, customizes your look and adds a professional touch. Making it look like your logo makes it even stronger. Round out a complete package with a solid tagline that speaks to your brand and what the business stands for.

#2. Packaging

If your business sells products that customers can purchase and have shipped, then putting your logo on packaging materials is an easy way to put your brand before many eyes, utilizing free advertising.

Receiving the final product is usually the most satisfying part of a customer’s brand experience, and making sure your branding appears on that box they receive through the mail will strengthen that bond with your company. Many companies out there can custom design corrugated cardboard boxeswith your logo on the side.

Not only will your customer know from whom they made their purchase, all hands that touch that box from its starting point to your doorstep will have seen the brand and will get to know it better.

#3. Promotional Items

Many businesses like to spread the word about their products and what they have to offer by handing out free mementos or gifts at trade shows, conventions, or any type of gathering where small items can be handed out in mass quantities.

Items can range from pens, notepads, and hats to USB sticks, balls, and bracelets. People like getting free stuff, even if they don’t need it. So, this is a great way to put your brand in their hand.

#4. Social Media

Everyone is on some form of social media these days. Depending on what your business is all about, this may be an optional course of action for you. Social media works well for businesses that fare better on spontaneous decision-making or spur of the moment purchases.

Having a presence on Facebook or Twitter allows your business to connect with followers on a frequent basis and promote your brand in a fun way. You could post deals-of-the-day or last minute giveaways to entice folks to walk through your doors, lest they miss out on a great deal.

#5. Networking

As a business owner, it has always made good sense to have a strong network of colleagues and fellow business owners to keep you in the loop of what is happening in the general business world and in your specific niche.

You can personally push your brand naturally at these gatherings by striking up conversations with others, whether in your industry or not. Attend local Chamber of Commerce meetings, gatherings of associations related to your industry, and professional organization events.

Innovation stems from pairings of unlikely components, and putting yourself out there along with your brand brings value to your business.

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