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Email Marketing Trends to Make Your Business Fly in 2021

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The digital world is changing rapidly: the tools that worked a couple of years ago are becoming obsolete and ineffective. If you want to reach success in your business niche (whatever it is), then you need to understand what users are used to and what they are looking for. Let’s take a look at email marketing as an effective channel of communication with your target audience. What is expected to perform at maximum in 2021, and what email tricks should you resort to in order to establish close contact with your potential customer?

#1 – Email Perpersonalization Works

Personalization has been a trend for many years; however, only 39% of online marketers personalize their email content. Recent stats indicate that this trend is worth paying attention to:

  • Email messages with a direct subject reference and personalized subject line have a higher open rate;
  • 74% of marketers claim that personalized emails increase user engagement;
  • Personalized CTAs boost conversion rates by 202%.

To personalize email content, you just need to collect basic data about your audience. These can be a customer name, birthday, interests, etc.

#2 – Optimize for Mobile Devices

In 2020, almost half of emails were opened from mobile phones or tablets. People read emails from smartphones more often than from any other device. Therefore, you need to take care of how the newsletter will look on smaller screens.

#3 – Integrate Contents with Social Networks

Nowadays, there is no need to choose between social networks and email campaigns. The interaction between the two performs at max. Both social networks and regular email send-outs have their pros and cons. And it is much more effective to combine both channels. There are two ways to do this:

  • Grow your email base using social media. One way to get users interested in subscribing to the newsletter is to offer them exclusive (gated) content or a discount when they sign up;
  • Use email campaigns to promote social networks. Subscriber acquisition also works the other way around. With email marketing, you can develop strong social media communities.

#4 – User-Generated Content Is a King

User-generated content has been on the list of trends for years. And this applies not only to social networks but to the entire digital space. There is a whole pack of benefits that come with this trend:

  • You don’t need to hire copywriters to create content. Users create it themselves.

Using UGC (user-generated content) in email marketing increases a CTR by 73%;

  • The presence of the UGC gallery on the site increases the time of visiting the page by 90%;
  • Almost 80% of users say that having such content is more likely to induce them to make a positive purchase decision.

What types of UGC perform the best?

  • Customer reviews – about 72% of users say they won’t make a purchase until they read a couple of positive reviews;
  • Photos posted on social networks;
  • Hashtags and an opportunity to join the campaign.

Final Verdict

Email marketing still occupies one of the leading roles in communication with your customers. Email trends are becoming more and more technological. To reach great results, you should create content that best suits the user’s needs, answers their questions, and is closely targeted toward a user. Follow the trends to develop email campaigns that perform at max for your business.

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