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Top 6 Examples of SaaS Email Marketing

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Emails can be considered the main way of telling more about your proper SaaS Email Marketing with actual products, and then you can show your customers that you care about them.

SaaS email marketing has evolved, and here are some SaaS email marketing trends and tips that will help SaaS marketing agency to prove the actual importance of email marketing.

1. Canva

In the SaaS email marketing strategy, Canva is an online graphic design platform that makes their customers and their achievements the spotlight of an email. Besides celebrating the user’s current feat, they also have shown that their past milestone as well as that of another next landmark for higher motivation.

The SaaS email marketing of Canva usually appreciates that all the users are using their Software, which encourages them to continue using it by providing a new goal.

Some SaaS email marketing accomplishments has two major benefits for Canva:

Canva gets positive feedback that can properly inspire other users to create even more designs.  It usually exposes you to a wider audience which is using the Canva platform.

When you send SaaS email marketing, try to motivate your present customers by showcasing their achievements and the path they have passed through properly, and then have future goals that they need to achieve.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is a file hosting service, known as the other SaaS company with a great SaaS email marketing strategy. They can be called “friendly reminder” emails that can be extremely simple, cute, and even personalized.

First of all, they always have a cute, charming header cartoon that will be responsible for a quick attraction of the reader’s attention. Secondly, when it comes to more personalization, they greet the recipient by their first name, mostly.

Finally, the entire text’s body is straight on the point: it will ask recipients to download such Software that reminds them about certain main benefits they might get.

What you can learn: Based on Dropbox’s email marketing strategy by taking into consideration the SaaS email marketing, are the three main things you need to include in your email are:

  • What: The entire purpose of the email
  • Why: Benefits of the Software
  • How: The proper way users can get the Software

3. InVision

InVision is a platform that uses prototyping, collaboration, and workflow platform in the SaaS email marketing, which does an awesome job of maintaining the proper momentum with its proper follow-up emails that can give its customers receive after creating an account.

The descriptions beneath certain video tutorials are just awesome, and they can be:

Headlines that act like CTAs, or calls to action, include thanks words, which are like “create,” “get,” “update,” and “present.”

All the descriptions are clearly shown and how easy it is to use this concept of InVision and how quickly certain projects can be completed.

Instead of “click here” or “watch now” buttons, use the CTAs, which are unique with each different product feature that can be demonstrated in any video.

The SaaS email marketing always closes with an easy way to reach out for support, and also, the readers are given a chance to communicate directly with any of their staff members.

4. Basecamp

Basecamp is a project management software that will clearly show what kind of SaaS email marketing strategy which you can need to use when all of your potential customer’s trials have ended.

This version of the upgraded email is always here to decrease worries, and then it will show all the customers what has to come in. It will clearly explain what happens to the entire customer’s data; then, the team members will have access and present the major ways that the customers can even pay for the Software using SaaS email marketing. This type of email is there to make customer’s work easier.

5. Squarespace

Sometimes certain businesses also offer extensions on trials. Then, there is something that will certainly need to be communicated through emails, and the use of SaaS email marketing comes into play.

With using such a SaaS email marketing strategy, a company that we can notice is Squarespace. This can be a website building tool that has an amazing trail extension email strategy using the platform of SaaS.

Their entire empathetic acknowledgment that everyone gets so busy that it could use a little extra time to convey that they can properly understand human beings with having something that often gets left out of having promotional tasks.

6. CloudApp

CloudApp is file-sharing software that will educate its users about certain new features.

Firstly, there is an important thing to mention that the entire company shows its responsiveness to user behavior at the very beginning of the SaaS email marketing.

To create such personalization, they can show that they will follow their customers and know what they have already done with their Software and might need it.

Another thing that you can also do with this SaaS email marketing is to encourage their customers to use features by showing them the only ‘cool’ customers. If you still have a doubt, get in touch with saas marketing agency.

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