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Top 10 Digital Marketing Learning Guide for Beginners

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Digital Marketing is vital to take your business to new heights and increase your reach to an extent unthinkable by the cliché marketing practices which have been serving the business models hitherto. Digital marketing works on different dynamics altogether. Digital marketing jigsaw is little different from the conventional marketing techniques which largely rely on hard-core selling, advertising campaigns etc. Although, the basics overlap the landscape is completely different as advertising comprises only a tiny part of the whole strategy which comprises a vibrant mix of practices.

10 Best Tips for Effective Digital Marketing

The good news is that there are a lot of options, techniques, analytics, apps, services at your disposal which can help you reach your dreams. However, you have to be highly selective to pick the right mix of tools to bring the desired results and maximize the Return on Investment.

1). Recognize the Need for Digital Marketing:

The primary mistake made by most of the online businesses is their failure to recognize the need and potential of digital marketing strategies. A huge chunk of businesses have narrow and limited knowledge about digital marketing and generally bank on the same when it comes to market their online business. The underlying fact is that most of the people have no idea as to where to start from when it comes to digital marketing. So, to begin with, you should be able to comprehend the need for using digital marketing.

2). Have a Responsive Website:

A website is the window of your business to the world. Strangely, many businesses still do not feel compelled to start a website for their businesses. The truth of the matter is that having a website which is mobile-friendly tremendously adds to the credibility and reach of your business. It pulls out the latter from the dungeon of invisibility and opens it to new vistas of growth. Bill Gates said, “If your business is not on the internet then your business will be soon out of business”. Thus, you should invest in designing a website which offers an equal ease-of-access both on mobile and PCs.

3). Blog your Way to the Top:

Blogging has been a proven marketing technique in digital expanse as it acts as a direct medium to communicate with the customers and thus helps generate around 70 percent more leads than the websites who do not use blogs. It is also a great way to enhance the search engine rankings of your website and thereby generating more traffic. Blogs can also prove effective in giving updated information to your visitors and thus build strong relationships with them.

4). Gain Knowledge about Common Terminology:

As an online business owner, you need to stay updated about the latest digital marketing techniques and the technical jargon associated with it. This is essential for not only growing your business but also to be able to participate in meaningful discussions which happen around the digital game. You need to get comfortable with terms like SEO, PPC, SEM etc. They are similar yet different and the time invested in knowing the difference is a wise step. This will help you know the exact results of various digital marketing campaigns and ultimately help you boil down to one. Thus, you have to develop as a T-shaped marketer gradually i.e. the one having fundamental knowledge about many marketing techniques but ultimately specializing in one or two of them.

5). SEO or Search Engine Optimisation:

Digital marketing is all about generating more traffic. All your effort to generate the best content, which is not only novel but highly informative goes waste if people are not able to find it. This is why search engine optimization techniques have mushroomed and become a favorite for businesses. SEO has the potential to attract free traffic to your website but it is slower than the popular techniques like PPC campaigns, Google Adwords etc. SEO is cost-effective and does not have a significant impact on your marketing budget. Effective SEO can generate lasting traffic for your website.

6). Get Technical Knowledge:

Building an online business needs patience. You have to work around many peripherals to be successful. Getting basic technical knowledge about HTML, graphic designing, etc. will not only increase your confidence but you will feel highly comfortable when collaborating with various developers, graphic designers, digital marketers etc. You will be able to comprehend the outcome of your actions in a more concrete manner. Thus, it is recommended to take short courses in these streams or visit some online tutorials for the same.

7). Know your Metrics:

Metrics rule the digital marketing space. They give a clear picture of your online performance and the areas you need to improve on. They also tell you about how each particular marketing channel is performing and what are the primary learnings you drive from it. You should also have basic knowledge about terms like CPC, CPA etc. You should be able to able to find out how much return you are making on a particular ad campaign without any outside assistance.

8). Certification in Digital Marketing:

Getting a suitable certification course in digital marketing is a great value addition as it will help you stand out from the crowd when in discussion with other professionals. It will also be of great advantage as you will be able to knit your strategy around your need in the best possible manner and even if you hire someone to do it, you will know exactly what to look for.

9). Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms will come to rule the digital marketing space in times to come. These can accurately track visitor behavior by tracking huge amounts of data. So, you should work towards employing these for tracking the behavior of your target audience.

10). Data Protection and Transparency:

In this age of increased data leaks and forgery, the need for data protection becomes indispensable. It is also thus necessary to take prior permissions from people before you collect any personal data and clarify the purpose you will be using it for and that it can be deleted at their request. Also, you will need to acquaint yourself with the latest regulations if you plan to collect personal data from the EU and UK users.


The need for using a proper mix of digital marketing techniques is essential for sustaining the business. You should also try to gain basic knowledge about various terms or even take a certification course in it. This will be highly helpful in making the correct decisions.

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