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5 Legit Ways to Make Passive Income Online

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We all have our jobs to look out for to support our home, our family and to enjoy however we can. There are always factors involved when we think that we can do more than just earn with our measly usual jobs. That is where the concept of passive income kicks in and there are many who have no idea about it at all. There are many who think that it could all be a sham and these are meant to mislead people from working on their weekends. But here is the thing; passive income can become a goldmine for you if you know what you are doing. 

Similar to starting any kind of business, when it is walking in the baby steps you need to nurture it well so that you can lay a strong foundation for your business to boom. But to get to that position you must have patience, you must have time and you might have to spend some money in order to get there. Nothing comes free and you should know that if you are a working professional. Below given are 5 of the most legitimate ways to boom up your business and make a successful passive income,

1. Blogging:

This is a mania which has started to grip young professionals at an exponential rate. This is considered one of the best and the most legitimate ways to earn a commendable source of passive income online. A blogger’s mind is an observant one; he/she learns to look things at a perspective that is slightly keener than that of a normal one. This is the reason they are able to phrase and outline things much more keenly since they have seen it happen. When you are a blogger, you should know your strong points; you should know your niche and only then you would be able to throw a subsequent amount of light based on the issue at hand. When you are able to feel the connection with your audience, you would also be able to write more, explore more and feel more, which therefore amounts to blogs getting a higher amount of readership. In the blogging perspective, it is important that you gain this concept as quickly as possible because that you give you time to dig up content and thereby round something up and then release it to the audience.

2. Conducting Webinars:

Web-based seminars or Webinars is another technique which has been widely appreciated and followed across the world in many professional companies. Videos have the power to instantly capture the imaginations of the whole wide world as compared to the impact that is visible in a classroom session. You grasp more, understand a bit more and are then able to act conclusively upon the same. If you want to make a living out of webinars, it is absolutely mandatory that you create it, maintain it and make it live every single week. That is when your followers would know that you have a strong internet presence, or in simple words, a strong social presence. This helps you to get to the core of the audience and therefore make an impact in a way which you might have never felt. Webinars give an increasingly greater connects since it gives you a broad understanding which is always beneficial for both the parties.

3. Writing an Ebook:

A trend which is fast gaining speed across all quarters and around the world, eBooks is the thing of the future. Instead of wasting so many precious resources to write manuscripts, wasting a good bit of money on production of so many copies of books, you can instead use electronic media to make your book writing dream reality. Prominent companies, mainly Amazon’s Kindle EBook reader is a boon for the book enthusiasts as it beats carrying out some heavy books in one go. Simply put, you can create a draft of your book, publish it to your respective publishers as an eBook and collect your money. The money you get will depend on how well the book has been received by the readers and was you able to capture your audience with your words or not. This is a more modern method if you are trying your hand at this and you would be able to earn your bucks much faster than the other conventional methods. It is a great thing that you can do if you are willing to try it out.

4. Affiliate Marketing:

Another trend which is an old one and now it has gained quite a reputation because of the introduction of online marketing which is the affiliate marketing. For affiliate marketing, you need to have a strong customer base, good website server for hosting and you need to work hard if you don’t have one. Money generation in affiliate marketing doesn’t happen in one shot and there is a long hard slog to make it happen. You need to market your products effectively and make your customers believe that your product is bankable and that others can rely on it. Affiliate marketing has an incredible amount of reach if you are able to market it carefully, take your audience into your wing and make a proposal which is beneficial for both of you.

5. Information Product Funnel:

If you were working with some professional organization in the sales team, then you might be completely aware of a sales funnel. They offer an increased amount of potential for the good amount of income when it can be scaled if it is configured properly. You would need the right hook to swing your product funnel since every organization with their product would gun for big bucks. You need to have your own working model of your funnel so that it penetrates a large number of your client base and your customer base as well. Find a niche, find a product and then make a funnel which will benefit you for the rest of your life. This funnel is a proven method to grow up your respectable clientele in an exponential manner and that will definitely help you out in making a bang for your buck.


Passive income generation is something which has been shunned by many as it is considered as the means to earn income via illegitimate means. But as per the 5 methods mentioned above, there is nothing remotely illegitimate about this and every method has assured returns if you put your mind and soul into making this a reality. No business is without risks and if you want to make this dream a reality, you will have to slog for it.  

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