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7 Content Marketing Trends That Will Dominate the New Decade

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Content marketing has always been emerging and growing. You can’t just sit and ignore it. With better know-how of buyers’ choices and access to data, you can continuously improve your efforts on content marketing. If you are looking for what’s working, what’s in and what to come next, here are some of the growing content marketing trends which have been popular these days. Know why they matter and how to apply the same to your overall approach to content marketing.

1. Personalized Content Will Rule

You need to communicate in a very sophisticated way with a customer who is savvier to certain things. You need to speak to that person on a personal level. It matters the most as expectations do change, and you need to be relevant. That’s what a buyer expects you to be. Personalization helps you stand out over the competition. According to a Demand Gen study, there is a 20% rise in sales opportunities with personalized lead generation for brands.

It has been considered as a trend as to how prolific it is. According to a Forrester report, around 92% of marketers have seen a rise in personalized content marketing. Personalization relies on data entirely. The more information you have related to the customers, the better the odds of generating meaningful content. You have to decide the information you need, such as priorities, demographics, objections, preferences, and usage.

You might not have enough data to start. If you have to lead to have a name and email for one part of the content, that’s just the beginning. You can get additional data using third-party sources, and you can easily find out which topic is attractive to the prospect.

You can create a campaign with an email, name, and content topic to fit this parameter. You can easily track if the email is opened, and the link is clicked. The better the interaction, the more personalized content you can add.

2. Content Marketing to Overwhelm Other Marketing Techniques

Content marketing is going to be the mainstream and most vital form of digital marketing. It is mainly due to the content which is essential for all kinds of techniques of digital marketing, whether social media marketing, influencer marketing, or SEO. You can achieve almost all the goals of digital marketing with it. A study was conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, which reveals that there are specific essential goals content marketing can help achieve, such as engaging with the audience, spreading awareness of the brand, customer loyalty, lead generation, and improving sales.

3. Visual Content Will Gain Traction

What drives you the most – a text-heavy, long post, or a short, interactive video? If you prefer video over text, you are among the millions of people who want something easier to understand and digest. So, it’s time to add more visual content to your content, such as photos, infographics, memes, videos, or GIFs.

Video content will keep on dominating along with visual content. A CISCO study reveals that videos will cover 82 % of online traffic by 2021. It clearly shows the growing value of videos when it comes to content marketing. You need to give priority to visual content when it comes to plan your content marketing strategy. You may want to reach your target audience with the most viewed content.

4. Niche Content Will Get More Importance

Brands are going to focus on more niche content to target their relevant audiences and skip competition from leading brands. You can build a presence as an authority by covering niche topics that most industry players have missed. Most brands try to avoid more mainstream and popular industry topics. You can find niche topics and keywords using tools like Google Trends and BuzzSumo.

5. Voice Search Will Evolve

Voice search is going to be the next big thing. Millions of people practice the same every day. They ask a question without even having to look at the PC or smartphone. Around 20% of searches are done with voice search.

It will lead to a shift in content as how we speak doesn’t always align with the way we write. Take time to adapt content to search using natural language by including Q&A. Include full-sentence, complete questions. If possible, add long-tail keywords in headers and titles. To get the most of ‘near me’ searches, optimize the natural languages of posts/pages for ranking with these terms.

6. Be Sure Content is Concise

In blog posts, there is a significant rise in several words, and the attention span is going down. Longer content performs great but in organic ranking. But it is a matter of doubt as to whether users will stick around to read the long material, even though it ranks well on the first page. Though great content matters much for you, it may not be the right size for every user, especially on social media.

Millennial users prefer short content. They prefer infographics and videos when it comes to making buying decisions over other content. These formats tell the story and add movement and colors. Use more infographics and videos on social media to go with this trend and in channels where you want to target millennial buyers.

7. Diversified Content to Add More Audience

If you just put some content, users can get bored. This is not the way things work. You need to use different varieties of media like galleries, infographics, podcasts, videos, or something else. You may want to diversify your skills, but it brings some benefits to it. You would like to expand the Digital Marketing way to present your content. Take content which has been successful in the media. Different users have different choices to get information, such as audio, podcasts, text, or video. You can always get new ideas and present the details in different ways.

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