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Content Marketing Techniques to Maximize the Impact of a Press Release

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If you want to attract trade and mainstream media, public attention, and consumers, a press release, particularly in the social media format, can be the perfect marketing tool. However, more is needed than the standard regulatory announcements and executive changes.

Below you will find five ideas that will take must-disclose information and turn it into a media magnet. These suggestions will also open other media possibilities by providing additional entrance ways to your company’s online presence.

Create a Hook Based on Current Events

Be creative when leveraging interest in current events and using it as a hook for your company. For example, one health club created an article that gave tips on getting in shape, just like the spokesman of a popular deodorant brand. The idea is to provide advice, not necessarily promote your service or product.

Use Surveys

Find data that can be published that the public or your niche market will find interesting. For example, one survey found that individuals in their 20s were less interested in physical fitness than financial fitness after the financial meltdown in 2008. Remember, the offering you create should not be the main focus of this survey. In which It should be what the people are interested in.

Incorporate Sales in a Press release

When sending out a press release, offer some sale or promotion using a specific code. This code will allow you to track the results. Before making the offer, be sure you have enough of the product available in case the sale goes viral. Be very specific about the timing of the sale.

Draw Attention to Your Customers

Some companies feature customers each month who use their products. Find a way to give your customers attention and incorporate your product at the same time. Of course, you need the right permission if you are going to feature your customers in a press release or on your website.

Extend Sales or Promotions Related to Holidays

The goal here is to give your customers useful information that is related to your product in some way. By developing campaigns that surround events like going back to school or summer vacation, you can provide practical information that will send readers back to you. You could even create an event and attach a promotion to it.

Helpful Content Marketing Tips

As you get help submitting a press release, you want to be sure that the appropriate landing pages directly relate to it. Use links to do this.

You want to monitor where your readers are coming from and the kind of actions they are taking because of the press release you have created. You can track promotion codes in order to accomplish this goal.

When creating the press release, be sure to incorporate appropriate keywords. You want to optimize for social media and search engines. Also, be sure that you post a copy of it on your website.


Press releases are an effective marketing tool when you use them correctly; you need to integrate appropriately with other aspects of your marketing strategy.

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