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How CEOs Can Increase Sales with Content Marketing

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The internet has changed and will continue to change the way people do business. Many CEOs are stuck in tried and true ideas that are slowly being overtaken with new concepts. Content marketing is one of those concepts. When implemented correctly, content marketing is informative, engaging, valuable, and more effective than many other marketing strategies. It increases sales by addressing every angle, rather than merely focusing on attention

If you’re attempting to convince your CEO that content marketing is as great as it appears to be, it won’t necessarily be a challenge. As soon as you demonstrate how easily an effective inbound marketing strategy will address the needs of the customers equally as well as it addresses the needs of the company, it will be easy to explain to your CEO why you’d all be fools not to jump on board.

Exploring More Avenues to Improve Engagement

When you start focusing on your content, you’ll want to try text, images, and videos. Outstanding pieces of content often incorporate all three.

Content marketing will give your business to experiment with different methods of message delivery. When you start focusing on your content, you’ll want to try text, images, and videos. Outstanding pieces of content often incorporate all three. In doing so, you’ll discover exactly what it is your audience best responds to. If the engagement on your video content is vastly superior than the engagement with your text content, you’ve officially discovered the way your audience prefers to be communicated to.

Different approaches will allow you ample trial and error opportunities, and you can use these opportunities to learn from yourself. Your audience will tell you what they like. If you keep giving them what they like, they’re going to stick around. They’ll develop an ongoing relationship with you and come to you for their needs, and since loyal customers make up the backbone of a business, you can’t afford to leave them wanting.

Going Further on a Lower Budget

You already need to create content for SEO purposes. People who are about to become customers expect to see enough content to know who they’re shopping with. You also need content for marketing purposes. If you rolled everything into one neat little package, you’re still doing the same thing: creating content that will help your business succeed.

Content creation is already a part of your strategy. By placing the emphasis more on content marketing techniques and less on other areas of exposure or advertisement, you’re maximizing the results you’ll see from something you’re already doing. It might take a while for your content to gain traction, but with time, the expansion of your audience you’ll receive from providing useful and enjoyable content will cost virtually nothing. Great content is the gift that keeps on giving, particularly if it’s evergreen. In a way, it’s passive income.

Making Money From The Recycling Bin

Take a look at all the old content on your blog. Did you ever promote it? Did anyone ever read it? Is it lackluster and gathering cobwebs? Have a wordsmith get in there and punch things up. Lengthen and fortify the content. Break it down into readable, bite sized pieces. Make sure it imparts value, and maybe throw in a few funny one-liners. Add some gifs, images, or videos to it. Boom. It’s a brand new piece of content that you can recycle and re-promote on all your social media profiles.

Instead of creating a more complex strategy of communicating on every platform, create a single marketing strategy. Use some improved old stuff and killer new stuff, and share bits and pieces of it everywhere. Link it all back to your site where readers will see your call to action. Display relevant posts below the one they came to see, and pepper everything with internal links to keep them clicking. In doing so, you’ll be creating a funnel that pours people directly to the checkout page.

Giving The Blog Two Duties

Of course your blog is the best place to fortify your website with content. It’s the best place to post just about any content, because your blog is not impeded by the limitations set out by social media platforms. Aside from giving your content a place to shine, your blog has another important duty. A frequently updated blog will net you more visitors that you can easily convert to customers.

Every valuable blog post you toss up is a gift to Google. Google loves valuable content, especially if it contains relevant keywords. The more of this content you post, the more likely people will be to find you through organic search. This means you’re finding people experiencing the pain point you’ve solved without funneling tons of money into targeted advertising and hoping that people click on it. With ad block browser extensions out in full force, organic search is more important than ever.

Contribute To Long Lasting Brand Recognition

Staying competitive is expensive, and one of the easiest ways to lose customers is to be outshined by your competitors. Since every piece of content you create is an opportunity to expose an audience to your brand’s unique voice and personality, content marketing gives people a chance to get to know you. They’ll see you as a wise and helpful friend. They’ll associate your name with a persona. They’ll feel like they can turn to you when they need a problem solved.

It’s this kind of brand recognition that helps businesses stay competitive, even in over saturated markets. People don’t go on the prowl for new friends when they really love the ones they have. Your content is your conversation, and you want people to be able to count on it. They’ll become loyal, your voice becomes stronger, and before you know it, more people prefer you.



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