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10 Ultimate Content Marketing Tools That Every Marketer Needs to Use in 2021

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In 2021, content marketing is an important part of the marketing efforts that companies make to promote awareness of their brands and the unique strengths of their products and services. You can use content marketing to generate traffic to your website, enhance search rankings, and increase online conversions. But this type of marketing is not just about creating high-quality content that serves these purposes and more. It is also about using your content as an asset along with tools and techniques.

The best content marketing tools can offer you useful insights into the effectiveness of your content and improve your overall marketing capabilities. Along with a USP (unique selling proposition), content tools will bring many benefits to your business. These useful tools for content marketing include the following:



This is one of the top analytics tools for improving your marketing strategy, understanding more about your rankings, and comparing your data with those of your competitors. Here you can look at a range of useful metrics that can help you improve your content strategies, and you can also carry out research for your new content. You can look at how your content has been shared on social media and how many backlinks it has received.


Google Analytics

When it comes to free analytics tools, Google Analytics is an excellent place to start. It doesn’t offer all of the same insights as premium tools like Ahrefs, but it does provide a strong, clear, and useful analysis of website traffic that can be easily downloaded and shared. Google also has a premium service that can be used for content marketing management, but this comes at a very high price that is only really possible for large enterprises.



Many useful content-generating tools can help you make the most of your content. One of these is Ubersuggest, which can be used for keyword research. It generates SEO keywords, typically long-tail keywords, that relate to a particular topic. For each keyword, you can see the volume, trends, and competition. This is a free tool from the well-known marketing specialist, Neil Patel.



For the visual aspects of content creation, Canva is a great way of bringing bland documents to life with ready-made design templates. The tool is free and very easy to use, with an intuitive interface and a drag-and-drop editor. You can create branding images and designs for various purposes, which saves the time of doing it yourself or commissioning a specialist. Designs created in Canva can be downloaded or integrated into third-party platforms.


HubSpot CRM

As an excellent free tool for inbound marketing, HubSpot CRM makes it possible to bring together crucial sales information relating to customers and potential customers. This tool makes it easy to manage your contacts, customize your layouts, and directly contact your leads through contact records. The platform is highly user-friendly, and it simplifies the sales and marketing workflows.



It’s one of those content marketing platforms that have the power to boost your marketing potential. BuzzSumo has a sophisticated social search engine that analyzes all the shared content and identifies the qualities and strategies that lead to success. This tool enables you to look at analytics and trends, follow the behavior of influencers in your field, and receive alerts when your competitors post content. You can search by keyword, and you can use it as a content planning tool.



All web-based marketing involves social media, as this is one of the most influential forms of media in the modern world. HootSuite is a tool for managing all of your social media posts across the platforms, and you can use scheduling to post in advance of the release. In HootSuite, you can create your posts and use the social media calendar to automate your posting. It’s available to connect to 35 different social media platforms.



Evernote is a beneficial way of storing and organizing content in various forms and across all devices. This platform allows you to save content like web pages, images, PDFs, or interactives and share them with other team members. You can use it as a notebook to record notes in written or audio recordings, and you can organize everything in one place. A handy tool that is also free, Evernote is a great way of bringing multimedia content together.



The sales funnel is the model through which customers are attracted to a brand and the customer experience that follows. Whatever your business is engaged in, a sales funnel is an effective way of generating interest in the internet context. Creating a sales funnel that works for your product and services can be time-consuming, but ClickFunnels makes it much easier. This is a paid service, but it offers a range of different funnels and templates, as well as A/B testing. The design of the templates is also based on what has been the most successful in the past.



Trello is an excellent project management tool that allows teams to connect and track tasks and what is left outstanding. Everything is very clearly organized and presented in a system of boards, cards, and lists. The tool has a great visual appeal that makes it easy to track tasks, share files, and leave messages. Trello is straightforward to get started with and very easy to use. Moreover, it has a free plan that fits small businesses.


Whether your organization is an ad agency or an organic food producer, everyone needs to engage in some form of content marketing in 2021. It is much better to acquire some useful tools and see that the job is done quickly and professionally. Content marketing is a powerful resource that can allow you to connect with a wider audience and build a more promising future.



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