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Why The Color And Design Of Your Logo Really Matters

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A business and its logo are two parts of a symbiotic relationship. In this world of fierce economic struggle, a unique and memorable logo will set a business apart from the competition. A logo is what grabs the eye of the consumer.

On the other side of the coin, with a business’s hard work, consistent quality of product or service and perhaps a bit of luck, that logo can inspire brand loyalty and become more than simply a representation of a company: it will become a representation of what customers have come to expect. A logo, or a company’s overall brand and image can take on a life of its own, and begin to sell itself. Didn’t someone once say that a picture is worth a thousand words?

What’s in a Style?

There are probably billions of ‘unique’ business logos floating around out there, so what is the secret process of creating an image that will endure not only the test of time, but the test of the capricious human mind? There’s some basic psychology to be understood. As a trends in Hollywood film posters points out, color can be used subtly to send a message. The combination of orange and blue communicates a balance of coolness and energy.

That isn’t restricted to films, however. Check out the logo for Precision Power Washing. Take one look at it, and you know exactly what you’re in for.

  • The blue and orange philosophy plays into their business mission as well: efficient and level-headedness at the same time.
  • Colors are useful far beyond simply catching one’s eye.
  • Red can suggest passion, sensuality, or heat.
  • Black reads of sophistication, or deadly seriousness.

The way an image is portrayed goes a long way, even when color isn’t a factor. A bold type face will inspire command and directness, while cursive or calligraphic fonts suggest sophistication or intimacy. Take a look at a handful of the world’s most dominant logos. What’s a common theme? Above all, notice both the simplicity and the personality of their designs.

While a good logo will be designed so as to lend itself to whichever product or service is being marketed, the logo doesn’t always explicitly need to showcase what the company sells, but more about how the company views itself. What’s the famous joke Forrest Gump offered up about investing in a fruit company? Apple Computers’ original logo wasn’t about fruit: it was about how Apple viewed itself and its future impact on the marketplace.

Set Yourself Apart

Regardless of the size, age or weight of a company, image and branding is crucial. Obviously the big shots out there like Coca Cola and IBM have their products and their histories —in addition to their branding images— to speak for them. So what if you’re part of a start-up, and you’re sitting there, grinding your teeth and banging your forehead against the desk, trying to come up with a fresh image?

There are no rules for designing a company logo, as illustrated with the example of Apple Computers. Whatever works will work, although running up a Jolly Roger or the Trefoil when you’re trying to sell cupcakes might send your customers a mixed message. A successful logo will reflect the entirety of a business transaction: who you are, what you offer and provide, and who you’re giving it to.

All in all, start-ups have an inherent flexibility in that they can try out new images if one doesn’t look as though it will work out. Keep in mind, however, that as a business grows and attracts a stronger base, it will become harder to change things up.

Let’s go back to the earlier scenario. You’re the lead designer of your new company’s new logo. Still stumped? Run an internet search or make a break for the dustiest old phone book that you can find. There are agencies out there that specialize in designing and delivering custom branding images to new businesses. In the very least, they won’t hurt to go to for image consultation.

How will you choose which agency to go with? Well, for starters, just see who has the most enticing logo.

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