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Business Blogs! What, When, Where, Why And How?

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I’ve often been asked how to start a blog or what to write. And now I am a Moderator on

Start a Blog Seems a good place to start. Here are some great tips on how to actually sit at your computer and create a blog platform that you will then write in. This is what most people are stumped at so never get past the first post. Wikihow

Blogging for Beginners – This post tells you how to host a site and which platforms are good. Plus the writing of course. It does explain a lot but please check back at the others as there’s lots more good stuff below. Low Cost Marketing Strategies

Pimp Your Business Blog With Headlines, Structure, Formatting, Images And ResearchWho better to advise on this than our very own Tweak Your Biz co-founder. Niall sees blogs every day and also sees which work and which don’t so you can be guaranteed of some good advice here. Niall Devitt

Model Your Communications after Batman and Robin Such a great analogy and worked really well in this explanation of the way to look at the titles and body of your blog. Princess Jones

Which Business Blogging Strategy is Right For You? Here you can learn which blog strategy works best for you, ways to publicise your blog and how to do it well with some great suggestions. David Leonhardt

Build a Loyal Audience with these 5 Types of Blog Posts – Once you have your blog up and running and following the strategies above it should be picking up. This post explains how to keep your audience reading. Cendrine Marrouat

5 Tips to Becoming a Top Blog in Your IndustrySo how do you refine your skills and become a “Top Blog”? Here are some great tips from Social Media Examiner, one of the best in the industry. Michael Stelzner

10 Ways Blogging is Better for Business than Facebook – To give you a break from all the reading here is a nice picture (infographic) explaining why blogging may be a better marketing strategy for your business. Patricia Redsicker

8 Top Pro-Bloggers Answer One Important Question And the question is “What is the one thing bloggers need to do today to succeed that they didn’t have to do in the past?” Here you get some top bloggers answering with some great tips for how to blog well nowadays – and check out the comments as there is some good info there too. John Paul Aguiar

Blogger Dishes on Sweetest Secrets at Bizsugar Chat – Recently the very knowledgeable Ileane Smith did a great Q&A on Facebook about creating content gold for blogs and a lot more. Here you can see the varied questions and answers in one go. Bizsugar & Ileane Smith

How to Write Stellar Content Consistently“Content is King” is the key mantra. This post will give you tips on writing for your audience and keeping it constant. Jack Keiffer

Spicing up Boring Content – Unfortunately sometimes what we have to write about in blogs can be boring – I’m an accountant so you can imagine. This post gives some great tips to make what you’re writing more interesting. Dan Granbury

How to Make WordPress SEO Friendly – There is no point writing a blog if people aren’t going to find it to read it. Search Engine Optimisation is useful to get your blog picked up by Google and Yahoo etc. This post explains step by step how to do SEO simply on WordPress. Brendan Carl

How a Business Blog Can Hurt Your Marketing So now you’ve got your blog going well and you know how to keep it interesting and showing up on the Search Engines. Here are some points to remember to keep it working well for you. Brick Marketing

Do You Moderate Your Blog? – This is a great short video explaining why you shouldn’t moderate your comments on your blog. Laurie Hurley

How to Handle Positive and Negative Comments Once your blog is out there and being read by people you can possibly open yourself up to negative comments, especially if what you are writing about is controversial. This excellent post explains how to deal with negative and even nasty comments. Eliza Morgan

5 Ways to Make Money From Your Blog – Once you have a lot of traffic to your blog (which can take some time) you could make money from it. This post explains different ways to do this – the comments are useful too. Amrik Virdi

5 Valid Reasons to Outsource Blog Content Writing – And finally if after reading all of the above you decide you don’t have the time and/or the inclination to write your own blog you can always get someone else to write it for you. This post explains why you may need to do that and how. BlogBrandz

I’d love to hear your comments on blogging and maybe you have some good suggestions not covered above.

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