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Budget-Savvy Marketing Tips To Boost Online Presence

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Many startup businesses start slow. As a newbie in the world of entrepreneurship, it can be a little difficult to utilize different strategies like boosting your online presence especially that you have limited financial resources.

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But, as a business owner, you may think that it is just an added cost to your operation so you drop it. Truth is, you can boost your online presence without spending big bucks. Take a look on some of the ways you can boost your online presence without hurting your budget.

Try Free Web Hosting

Whatever your line of business maybe, sooner or later, you need to boost up your online presence to keep up with the competition. And one effective way to boost your online presence is through creating a website for your business.  But the question is… are you ready to for the financial responsibilities of owning a website?

Owning a website does not end by buying your own domain. You have web hosting to think of. Web Hosting is the life-blood of a website and the financial responsibility could be overwhelming for a startup company like yours. The good news is that you can actually try some good free web hosting services. For starters, there are lots of web hosting site providers which will allow you to host your own website with no-cost at all.

Though there are arguments about free web hosting services such as limited storage, low security and lack of adaptation to different platforms, free web hosting gives you a chance to try different hosting providers. In short, free web hosting is a great option for testing. There are no contracts so if you are not enjoying the service, you can back up your files and terminate your account anytime. Try various service providers and choose the ones that can really cater your online needs.

Optimize Your Social Media Presence

About 45% of internet users all over the world have active social media accounts. Social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest have become one of the popular platforms for marketing and promoting your business.

With the right marketing strategies, social media could be a great platform for brand awareness and targeted ads. Also, most advertising opportunities offered by social media giants is either free or you have flexible choices on how you can allocate your budget, thus, you don’t have to worry about overspending. Facebook, for example, allows you to set your own marketing budget depending on your goals.

Social Media is your ticket in tapping into a localized market. If you aim to reach out to more local audiences, social media is one cost-effective medium to do that.

Build Connection To Brand Influencers

When your traditional marketing isn’t working and you are struggling to connect with your prospect clients because you lack reputation, connecting to brand influencers may give you a great chance to step up your business.

Tapping to your brand influencers doesn’t require you a lot of money.  In fact, it doesn’t need money at all. First, you have to know who your brand influencers are. Brand influencers are the people who can trigger action to other people to trust and buy from your company.  Influencers could be bloggers, industry leaders or media personalities who have a big influence in your industry or they can simply be your previous customers who have positive feedback to your service and products. Word of mouth marketing from your previous customers is one of the most effective, unpaid marketing that can boost your presence.

Influencers can help you penetrate the online market. These people are your trust symbols which will attract consumers towards your business.

Explore Your Contents’ Potential

Online content for your business may seem boring and passive but, when done right; it can drive a lot of online traffic to your business. Tailoring your content based on your target users will help you boost your online presence by providing a unique experience to your prospects.

Focus on certain demographics for your prospect consumers and target them with content that can drive them to act.  Also, contents that tell stories stir curiosity among your users which can call them to act and drive more exposure to your business online.

There are different ways you can make use of content for your business. You can contribute articles to different authoritative sites to gain a reputation for your website. Consistent blogging on your own website also lets users know your company is active. It also updates your site, thus, you will have a better chance getting indexed by Google.


The competition among businesses is getting tougher and tougher. For startups, getting through the race requires both offline and online efforts. Thus, your business online presence is something you cannot just ignore.

Boosting your online presence may seem complicated, time-consuming and expensive. But with the right strategies and proactive thinking, it can be an easy-peasy, budget-friendly task that can deliver long-term results. It is just a matter of where you are going to start. Run through the different strategies for boosting online presence and thinks of steps you need to consider starting your online brand awareness.

Don’t let the opportunity pass. Plan your online efforts right now and start building an online brand identity for your business’ success in the near future.

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