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How Custom Promotional Labels Can Boost Sales of eCommerce Websites

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As a business owner or an entrepreneur, you may have noticed a recent surge in the number of companies using promotional custom labels on their products. Has this current trend made you wonder whether you should be getting custom promotional labels printed for your stock?

Well, sales charts on eCommerce platforms have definitely seen a positive spike for products that are packaged with custom labels. You too can boost the online sales of your products by investing some money in unique, attractive, and informative promotional labels.

Let’s discuss how these labels can help you in boosting the sales of your products.

Increases Consumer Awareness of the Product

The main purpose of the use of custom promotional labels is to increase a customer’s awareness of the product and the brand itself. Getting custom labels printed and stuck to your product can give the buyer more information about how to use the product, the details of the ingredients in the product and so on.

You need to keep in mind that an online shopper who is buying your product for the first time doesn’t have access to a sampling of your product. He or she merely purchases the product on the basis of the price point, overall packaging, labeling and presentation.

Informative custom labeling will give first-time buyers all the data they need to make a well-informed purchase and will further result in increased ecommerce sales.

Increases Customer Curiosity for the Product

The entire purpose behind having a custom promotional label is to ensure that the label is attractive, vibrant, captivating and informative. When you upload a photograph of the custom label on an eCommerce platform, it tends to increase the curiosity of buyer.

For instance, if your coffee bottles custom label says, ‘new in stock’, or it states, ’25% off’, there are higher chances of converting a prospective buyer’s online browsing into an actual sale. Hence, proper promotional labeling results in increased sales on ecommerce websites.

Makes the Product Stand out in a Crowd

Another benefit of having custom labels on your products is the fact that these labels play an essential role in giving your products a cut above the products of competitors. Ecommerce platforms usually carry countless different brands of the same product.

With a never-ending supply of competitor’s products, what better way to increase your product sales than by improving the overall packaging, customizing product labeling, and making your product stand out?

A captivating and customized product label will play an integral role in making your product stand out. A product that stands out is more likely to get sales as opposed to products that have a dull, drab, and boring appeal.

Repeat Sales Become Higher With Custom Labeling

Not only does custom promotional labeling improve your first-time sales, but it also has a positive impact on repeat sales. A first time user of your product is probably making the purchase based on the price point, labeling, and packaging.

After the first-time user understands the quality of your product, he will make future purchases of the item based on the recognition of the product label. The more captivating and attractive your custom label, the easier it becomes for a buyer to remember the brand and make future purchases.

Custom Labeling Can Boost Seasonal Sales

You have probably noticed how some popular brands provide seasonal custom labeling for their products. For instance, the labels that are stuck on the products during Christmas time are usually festive and have all kinds of tiny Christmas decorations printed on them.

Similarly, if you also start printing seasonal custom labels for your products, the chances of the sales being driven up are very high. It is basic consumer psychology that buyers will be more inclined towards buying products with festive packaging and labeling, and this will boost your eCommerce sales.

If you’re looking for affordable yet elegant options for custom seasonal labels, you should check out iCustomLabel for the best offers and options.

Direct Impact on Consumer Psychology

A consumer is always more interested in and attracted to a product with elegant packaging and labeling. If you give a buyer the option to buy a simple glass coffee bottle versus a coffee bottle with a captivating and fun label attached to it, they will definitely be more inclined to buy the well-packaged bottle.

It is a psychologically proven fact that consumers always end up making purchase decisions based on the overall presentation of a product.

Makes the Company Look More Professional and Legit

Poorly packed and labeled products, or products that have no labels, can seem like low-quality items in the eyes of the consumer. Custom labeling and packaging of products increase the goodwill and reputation of the brand as a proper presentation can make the company seem more professional and legit.

If you use promotional custom labels to add some value and style to your product, you will most definitely end up witnessing increased eCommerce sales.

Gives Customer Important Information About the Product

Food products or skincare products often contain ingredients that could act like allergens to some consumers. Promotional custom labels with proper information about the ingredients in the item can prevent mishaps from occurring.

For instance, people who are lactose intolerant will find promotional ‘vegan’ and ‘dairy free’ labels on almond milk packages extremely useful. Similarly, products with dairy in them must have promotional custom labels stating ‘contains dairy’ so that a consumer who is lactose intolerant doesn’t consume the item and doesn’t have a major allergic reaction.

When such informative labels are stuck to the final product packages, people are more convinced to make a purchase of the item on eCommerce platforms, which thereby increases online sales.

There we have it, the many ways in which custom promotional labeling can have a direct impact on eCommerce sales and can help small and medium-sized business enterprises in boosting their overall online sales.

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