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8 Conversion Friendly Site Elements That Can Help Produce More Business

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What is the purpose of creating a website? I am sure most of the business owners will say “to generate profits”, yes that’s what every webmaster wants. A website can help to generate brand awareness, generate leads and ultimately produce more profits.

However, most of the webmasters and business owners are more focused on beautifying their website instead of having conversion friendly elements on them. Having conversion friendly elements on the site have been found to produce more conversions as compared to those sites that are lacking such elements.

Through this post, I will highlight the top 8 conversion friendly elements that any website should have in order to generate more leads and profits.

#1. Easier Navigation

Navigation is one of the most important elements and is directly related to a positive user experience. A great navigation experience should make the customer smile. Any visitor landing on your page should have plenty of options to move to the next destination and he/she should not get confused as to what to do next. Navigation should not be more than 3 level deep and must use

#2. A Search Bar For Instant Interaction

I have seen many webmasters making the mistake of adding the search button in an area where it remains hidden from the end user. Believe it or not, but having a search button on your site can prove to be very useful from conversion point of view. A search bar on the site makes it more customer centric providing plenty of relevant options before the user and it also satisfies the user demand more quickly.

It is almost impossible to read every single users mind in order to find what they need so the search bar fulfills this option for you. A happy customer provides more scope of conversions.


Music search site provides a large search bar on every page that allows the user to search songs of their choice. It increases user interaction with the site, satisfies the user and because of increased user engagement, more conversions starts to happen.


#3. A Call to Action

A call to action better known as the CTA element should be unbeatable and irresistible It should persuade the user to take actions. A well planned CTA element should be just 1 click to convert a visitor into customer. When adding a CTA element, the following 3 points should be kept in mind:

  • It should have greater visibility so that it remains visible to the user from every page.
  • It should display an offer that is irresistible. Words like “click here” is a bad example of CTA text. Instead using text like “Get Your FREE Ebook”, “I want my FREE sample”, “Start your FREE trial” etc are great examples of CTA text.
  • A click on the CTA button should take the customer directly to the landing page.


Chatgrape intelligently uses the text “GET FREE EARLY ACCESS” on its CTA button. The CTA button is clearly visible on the front page and has been highlighted with the green color.


#4. A Contact Form

A business looking to generate leads from the website should make use of contact forms in an intelligent manner. A contact form can be used to receive feedback, questions or information requests. Moreover, displaying a contact form instead of an email address helps to prevent your email id from going into the spam list. A contact form helps to generate more enquiries and in return boosts the conversions.

Make sure to follow the below guidelines while building the contact form:

  • The form should not be broken.
    It should not consist of too many fields.
    Make it presentable so that it grabs the attention of the user.
    Don’t make a phone number a compulsory field as many people don’t like to fill in the phone numbers in the first go.
    It should be responsive because most of the visitors would be filling that out from their mobile devices.


I really like the short yet simple contact form designed by the Musiccity:


#5. Contrasting Color Combination For Easier Leads

Color Psychology plays a supportive role in bringing more conversions to your site. If you wish to learn more in detail about Color Psychology and conversions then head over to this post of mine. In short, using contrasting colors helps to increase the visibility of the most important elements on the site like the CTA buttons.


Mailchimp knows exactly which color combinations can generate the maximum leads and it is using the colors wisely.


#6. High Resolution Pictures

What about pictures? Well, a picture is worth a thousand words and no one can ignore that. Using high resolution pictures without affecting the site speed is an excellent way to impress the visitors and drive them to take actions on your site.

Example: displays high quality and shining images on its site. This is more than enough to lure the visitor into purchasing the product.


#7. A Big Phone Number Display

Many business owners make the mistake of displaying the phone number in such a small font that is remains invisible to the visitor. A big font display of the phone number is highly essential in order to generate leads and conversions.


Have a look at the below phone number display of Kenneth S. Nugget’s attorney website. The numbers are highlighted and clearly visible.


#8. An Awesome Testimonial Section

People don’t easily trust the business owner but they easily trust the fellow customers. By providing an awesome testimonial section that speaks positive about your business, you can easily double the amount of conversions you are receiving right now.


One of the most popular SEO tools, Ahrefs highlights testimonials in its home page thereby making the customers believe in the usefulness of the product.


Convinced? Then go ahead and start implementing these suggestions on your site and see your conversions jump like a rocket. If you have any other suggestions for improvement in conversions then please let me know in the comments below.

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