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7 Most Important SEO Techniques Not to Leave in 2017

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In a year, Google makes at least 500 to 600 alterations in its algorithms. Even though most changes are non-descript, 2017 sets a pace to be a challenging year for SEO specialists. Every month, over 10 billion people search the net for various products and services. Maintaining online presence requires businesses to be on their toes constantly. To hit the top of the rankings requires creative content writers who are also the smartest search engine optimizers.

Obviously, this cocktail of talents is elusive to find and deploy every time. So while all your content is searching for a place under the sun, here are some simple SEO techniques you can deploy to increase your rankings, clicks, repeat traffic  and a product of all this exercise- the revenues.

#1. Backlinking or republishing popular old blog posts

White hat SEO techniques use optimization techniques and strategies focusing on human audience rather than search engines. This includes link building or content writing among others. One of the more popular white hat technique gaining popularity is backlinking or republishing popular old posts to gain in rankings. You can add old posts with higher conversion rates as a part of the new posts, emails or even tweets.

This kind of backlinking helps you adds up to 100% to your organic search, has financial benefits and is beneficial for the new readers as well.

#2. Tricks for title tags

For long we have been harping about importance of title tags. 2017 promises some new and some old trends surfacing for Title tags. First of all, use all the resources to make a winning title tag. Even a good copy of Adwords Ads can get you more click on SERPS. Embed Long tail keywords in your title tag. You can get a lot of keywords ideas using Wikipedia, Keyword Planner, Facebook, Quora etc., Using words such as “best”, “experts” conform with the consumer psyche and should be used at appropriate place as it inspires feelings of trust.

These title tag tricks should make a world of difference to the visibility of your ads or blogs.

#3. Using the magic word “because” in your outreach mails

Outreach emails reach a large audience in a short span of time, yet most of the times it fails to generate results. One of the best ways to make your outreach emails successful is by using the magic word “because” in the earlier stages of your sales pitch. This word addresses important questions in the reader’s mind – who and why and compels the reader to read till the very last sentence. Basically the word “because” induces auto-agreement behaviour in consumers. Worth a try.

#4. Create a unique landing page

Companies spend tons of money on designing attractive homepages. But it is actually the landing pages that enhance lead generation and eventually sales. 2017 demands more focus on creating landing pages to lead the search traffic to your site. Go that extra mile, create landing pages with popular topics, professional graphics and layouts. And see the difference in the income it can generate.

Marketers usually create a unique landing page for each campaign and have successfully improved their conversion rates vis-a-vis website pages.

Provide navigational assistance to your customers to improve their onsite experience. Pages with extended reader engagement and higher views are directly correlated with better popularity on search engines. Enhanced customer experiences will lead to higher page rankings in search engines.

#5. More infographics and formatting

A picture is worth a thousand words. A high quality visual information is the simplest way to improve the search traffic. The customers are increasingly searching for infographics that gives them all the information in a concise manner. Increase your search popularity by creating infographics on trending topics and empower it with unique content. A sure-fire trend this year to double the traffic to your website.

Simplest of all techniques is some golden formatting rules you must follow for your written content. Create short crisp paragraphs with 2-3 sentences utmost. Maintain short, to-the-point sentences and present as many points in bullets or subheads. A reader will scan through the page and what attracts him in short will make him/her stay.

#6. Maximize links to all internal pages

While you are reactivating your old posts and creating unique landing pages for your marketing campaigns, don’t forget to do some deep linking between all your internal pages. Maximizing the value locked in your internal pages will optimize your ROI and you can derive sustained SEO benefits from your old content. Deep linking between pages also reduces the bounce rate on your website and adds to the page authority. More importantly, your internal pages become indexable on Google which makes it easy for Google spiders to find your landing pages quickly.

#7. Mobile responsive pages and content

Content is now on the move. Internet is flooded with content constantly that people are no longer sitting and reading. Advent of smartphones have changed the dynamics of content search. Google is steadily into mobile-first indexing of pages.  Invest in creating mobile responsive pages and design the content so that it is multi-device compatible. Cut down on unnecessary information to ensure super-fast loading pages which people can access on the move. This is the simplest way to see your website getting prioritised by search engines. Do not forget to optimize your sites according to other search engines such as Yahoo or Bing.

Voice search is also make headway into search engines, especially with bong advocating it. Key long tail words that can throw up your site can go a long way in getting indexed in top ranks.

Add a dazzling headline, backing up content with facts and data and leveraging old and upcoming social platforms are some of your usual suspects to improve your search rankings.  Delivering high-quality, focused content that is well researched should be your SEO mantra. These simple techniques, amongst others, garner more traffic to your pages and improve conversion rates, which is ultimately the business goal.

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