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5 Ground Breaking Strategies to Catapult Your Business Online

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Today’s marketing is on the web, even if you have an offline business. Why? Because 3 billion people today access the web on a regular basis, including over

#1. Understand Your Target Audience

It is very important to understand your target audience when you are marketing online. Be it an online store or a physical store, you cannot make sales until you know who you are targeting.

This becomes even more important from a marketing perspective because different demographics can be reached using different routes, and your business should be planned accordingly. For example, if you are targeting children selling video games, you will have to design your website in a funky way to attract children.

If you have a sophisticated design, children will not be attracted towards your site even if the games you have are excellent. Some stats would also be helpful when planning your marketing strategy. For example, 60% children between the ages of three and seventeen use the internet in the US, and 80% of mothers have internet access. Such numbers can help you decide who to target and how. For example, in this case, you should target both mothers and children since children are largely dependant on their parents to make a purchase.

#2. Be On Social Media

Social media is where you will find most of your target audience. Today social media platforms are bigger than ever. There’s Facebook (1.23 billion monthly active users), Twitter (313 million monthly active users), Instagram (500 million monthly active users), LinkedIn (433 million users) and YouTube (1 billion active users per month) among others.

Since it is not feasible for a business to be equally active on all these platforms, it becomes necessary to make the right call. The right platform largely depends on your target audience and the product or service you’re selling. Again, the first point comes into play.

If you know your target audience you will find it easier to pick the right platform. For example, Instagram is the best option if you wish to promote products or services related to photography, fashion and beauty. LinkedIn is perfect if you’re targeting business individuals. And YouTube is your go-to option if you wish to promote through video marketing, which has one of the highest ROI.

#3. Write, Speak, and Show

“You have to post written content, audio content, and visual content if you wish to really leave a mark,” says Shai Aharony, CEO at Reboot Online. When we talk about online content, we do not only mean blogs and articles. Online content includes everything from blogs to graphics to podcasts and videos.

Each type of content has its own benefit and if businesses want to be break the barrier they have to concentrate on all of them. A blog can be made more impressive by adding visuals (videos and images) to it. Blogs that contain images tend to get more likes and shares, increasing your range. Similarly, it is easier to attract users with the help of video content, which can be hosted on YouTube for free.

#4. Be Safe, Secure and On Mobile

Your website must be available online if you wish to make impressive sales. Today, the number of people using mobile devices to access the web is higher than the number of people using desktops. This increases the need to have responsive websites. In addition to this, you can also have mobile apps. Around 40% users prefer to check updates using mobile apps instead of browsers. By having a mobile app you will be able to reach these users as well.

In addition to this, make sure to have secure payment gateways and to offer users ease by offering multiple payment solutions. This will help build trust and users will be able to make a purchase without any issues.

#5. Attract Your Customers

You will have to take some steps to attract your customers’ attention. This can be done in a number of ways. What’s important is to know what motivates or pushes your customer into making a purchase. A few pointers include:

  • Offer discounts: Customers love discounts and low prices are bound to attract them. You can give discount on every second and consecutive item bought to push people to buy at least two items. Tactics like these can help you find a foothold and increase sales.
  • Offer free shipping: According to reports, 70% shoppers will not purchase from a site that does not offer free shipping. This is a tactic that can improve your sales tremendously. You can even put thresholds or minimum amount of sales for a buyer to be eligible for free shipping. According to a survey, 48% buyers will buy more items to be eligible for free shipping, proving it to be one of the biggest motivators.
  • Offer live chat: Over 65% buyers will abandon their purchase if they have unanswered questions, this can be countered by offering live chat option on the site. This will allow buyers to get answers to their questions right away. While other options like phone call and emails are also there, latest reports suggest that 80% buyers prefer live chat since they do not have to put in extra effort to get in touch with a customer representative and also because the problem is solved instantly.

We are hopeful these simple yet effective tips will help you carve a niche in this cutthroat industry. It’s difficult to leave a mark, but if you follow the guidelines given in this article and remember the time lag you will eventually taste success.

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