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5 Crucial Tactics to Write a Catchy Landing Page Title

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Content marketers should always be looking at different ways to gain visitors attention. There are many factors that go into finding the right way to catch someone’s interest. Creating a unique page title for landing pages is one method that can help increase the chance of someone taking time to read and engage. Landing pages give the content marketer a chance to present a laser focused appeal to the potential customer.


Landing pages will possess different content and different ideas than other pages of a website. The website owner should learn how these differences can be applied to produce a certain visitor action. The website owner should take a time to list out the goals that they hope to achieve by using landing pages. These goals than can be broken down further into segments. From these segments, groups of landing pages can be created. Then within these groups various messaging and calls to action can be written that have a specific goal in mind.


While the home page and other content pages of the website are appropriate for general information, the landing page system should have only specific information. Most visitors will be arriving already pre-approved for the general theme of the website from advertising or email marketing campaigns. The website owner shouldn’t waste their time with general appeals. Using the goals mentioned above they can create pages that specifically try to entice a visitor to complete an action. These actions will be dependent on what the owner wishes to accomplish. Some owners may wish to have people sign up for a conference while others could be trying to make a sale of a particular product. The key concept is that each landing page will be talking to visitors about how to accomplish this goal.


While the content of the landing page is important the title is the first step in catching visitor attention. Marketers should spend the most time crafting their headline to make a person want to read more. The marketer can use many different data points to help decide on the appropriate wording for the title.

  • If the customer is arriving on the landing page via an email campaign then the marketer can see what information has already been presented and carry this message further with their headline.
  • If the potential customer is arriving via social media postings then the marketer can use language that would most appeal to these types of visitors.

A major focus of the marketer will be to try and determine what is the intent of the visitor reading the page. People clicking on an ad and arriving on a landing page will more likely be in the buying mindset and the marketer should speak to them how to get this done. By imagining a visitor’s intent the headline can be created which speaks to their perceived goal.

#1. Direct Appeal

Someone arriving via an online advertisement might respond better to a direct appeal. The marketer can produce a headline that tells exactly how the product being offered will help the consumer. Looking at the wording of the ad the marketer can further hone their headline to answer more fully how the product will enhance the potential customer’s life. This is a direct message since the customer is already assumed to be ready to buy. They only need a nudge to be convinced to make a purchase, so the headline should not be subtle it instead should be to the point and ask for the sale.

#2. Testimonials

Sometimes marketers can use testimonials as their headline when creating landing page titles. These can be a powerful way to send the message to a visitor that someone used the product and was happy with it. People can feel more secure hearing from someone that endorses the product the page is promoting. Marketers can search for satisfied customers and get their permission to use a statement endorsing their product. Testimonials can be an effective way to catch someone’s attention and build trust.

#3. Instructional

Using the title to explain how the services being offered will make a potential customer’s life easier is another headline method. People’s curiosity can be piqued at these types of titles and they want to learn more. This type of headline can be effective at selling services that require more information to use.

#4. Mysterious

Some marketers find it effective to create a suspenseful title that will make the reader want to read more to find out the answer. This message is more subtle and can be used to appeal to visitors who still are not sure they want to buy or sign up for a product or service. This type of headline will require careful thought and examine the visitor’s intention for arriving on the landing page. If the marketer can develop a headline that makes the reader want to learn more they can then provide other details related information woven into the interesting topic. Then by the end of the page, the reader might be willing to engage directly in accomplishing a specific action.

#5. Content Lists

People can respond to content presented in listing formats. These lists can incorporate the classification of information in conjunction with an article format appeal to visitors. They can be ensured that certain numbers of steps or ideas are presented and want to find out more. For landing page titles the list can give the visitor a quick reference to what will be further explained below the headline. This type of content can be short or long depending on what product or service is being promoted. As long as the information is engaging there is not one set length. For something that is more expensive, it can be necessary to have a longer article with more in-depth content.

Landing page titles are the first thing a visitor reads when arriving. There is a short time frame for the marketer to grab the user’s attention. Creating titles that speak directly to the type of users arriving will be effective. Content marketers should use the ability to develop standalone sales messages for landing pages. Reading the above topics can give someone an idea of how to go about writing titles that will hopefully increase their business and accomplish specific goals.

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