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4 Ways To Give Your Content Marketing Strategy A Boost

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Struggling with your content marketing strategy? Not sure how to take it to the next level? Afraid it’s never going to generate the right results?

Don’t panic! Giving your content strategy a boost is as easy as following these 4 tips:

#1. Take full advantage of social media

Sure, you probably tweet out a link to your latest blog post or share it on Facebook, but if your social media efforts end there, you’re missing out on some major opportunities! For example, if your content is any good, people will comment on it and re-Tweet it. They may even ask you follow-up questions. Whatever you do, don’t ignore all of that interaction! Even if someone just posts “Great job! I learned a lot from this,” be sure to thank them.

Also, be sure to encourage others to share your content. This can be as simple as asking your followers to re-tweet it, or you can be a little more creative. For example, you can offer a coupon to the first 3 people who re-tweet your latest blog post.

You can also use social media to help you brainstorm. Both Twitter and Facebook will tell you what topics are currently trending, and on Twitter, you can search for specific hash tags related to your niche. That way, you can tailor your content to things that people have already proven that they’re interested in — instead of guessing about what your target audience might like to read.

#2. Keep a notepad handy

Ideas can strike anywhere, anytime. Instead of trying to commit all of them to memory, have a notepad nearby at all times where you can jot content ideas down. That way, you’ll always have plenty of topics to choose from — a must for anyone who wants to publish high-quality content on a regular basis!

#3. Use your own real-life examples

A good content marketing strategy will build a relationship between you and your readers. After all, people don’t just want to hear from an expert. They also want to hear from an expert that they like! The best way to make your readers like you is to make yourself appear “human”. How do you do that? Inject a little bit of YOU into your writing!

For example, an article that offers tips on how to buy car insurance will be a whole lot more interesting if you throw in a few tidbits from your own car insurance buying experience. Something as simple as, “This tip helped me save a bundle,” or “Yes, you’ll have to sit on hold for a few minutes, but if you get the same deal I did, it will really be worth it,” can reinforce to your readers that you’re a real person with real-life experiences. That automatically makes your content more enjoyable to read — and much easier to relate to.

#4. Make your content easy to scan

Web searchers are an incredibly impatient bunch. They won’t sit down and read your entire piece of content until they’ve scanned it and deemed it to be worth their time. So, the easier you make your content to scan, the higher your chances of having people actually read it! That’s why you see so many web writers using numbered/bulletpoint lists and short paragraphs. After all, a giant block of text can look overwhelming to a web searcher who’s pressed for time. A simple formatting change can turn your content into something that people WANT to read and share!

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