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12 Metrics that can Actually Improve Your Business Website Design

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Designing a business website can be challenging but worthwhile at the same time. Your company website should clearly convey the right message, i.e. what you do and why you do. Being a business owner you want more visitors to stay on your website so that they can convert into leads. Make it easy for your website visitors to find what your company does with your website design. 

The type of colors, fonts and images you use in your website means a lot and can really make a great impact on the bounce rate and conversion ratio. If you really want people to stay on your website longer and buy your services, follow these simple tips to improve your web design.

#1. Get a Professional, Polished Logo Design

Your logo is an important part of your brand that says everything about it, so make sure it’s well-designed and located prominently on your website. It is advised to use a high-resolution image and feature it in the top left corner of your web page. It’s always a great idea to link your logo design back to your home page for easy navigation.

#2. Keep Your Home Page Clutter Free

It’s now become a trend to visually overload your website with images. In order to hook visitors, make sure web pages do not have offensive call to action or graphic clutter like animated gifs that can potentially draw the visitor’s attention away from the most important part of the website. It is recommended to get rid of clutter on landing pages by providing a few links or small information in the header and footer to narrow the focus even more. To streamline your landing pages, keep your paragraphs short and concise.

#3. Professional Photography is must

People are smart enough as they can easily sniff out general or low-class images in a second and they will judge your company on the basis of the quality of images you use in your website. It is advised to invest in professional images or purchase stock photos to create a quality image for your company. As good quality photographs create a strong connection to your website content, while poor quality images have nothing to do with your content.

#4. Give Visitors Some Space

Create adequate space between your content and images so that reader is more able to absorb all the essential features and offers of your site. Managing white space throughout the web page will surely keep readers more focused on the content and maintain user flow, as less is always more effective. With a lot of graphical competition in the world of internet, controlling white space will definitely enhance user experience, increasing sales in return.

#5. Using a Neutral Color Palette

Use colors wisely and implement a balanced color tone that can help your website convey an elegant, clean and professional appearance. Employing suitable color scheme for headlines and text will help readers to read the most important information of your website. Most importantly, use a color scheme that complements your logo design and other branding elements.

#6. Using Simple/Easy-to-use Navigation

The basic navigation options are usually deployed in a horizontal menu bar at the top of the website. However, you can add more option underneath this basic navigation bar. Why is this simple navigation rule successful? Confusing and complex navigation layout will always result in visitors quitting a page instead of browsing the whole website. Putting links to the least important pages can actually take visitors away from your call to action or primary information.

Therefore, it is advised to place all important links at the top of your homepage or landing page and put the least important piece of information at the footer or bottom of the website.

#7. Go Responsive

Instead of developing a website for a laptop, tablet and mobile separately, create a responsive web design to adapt every browser size. Responsive websites always make a better user experience and that means more time spent on your website and higher conversion rates.

#8. Every Page is a Landing Page

Mostly websites assume a user only lands on the home page and then navigates into the site. The reality is something different; the majority of users enter through the page that is not the home page. Therefore, it is very important to design your every page efficiently and essential information must be present on every page for visitors.

#9. Choose Fonts Wisely

Always opt for the right font size. Keep in mind that viewers will look at your website on laptops, tablets and mobile devices. Large scale fonts somehow look perfect on desktop screens, but not scale well on a mobile device, ultimately losing the desired appearance and feel. Using a universal font is the key. Choose the typeface that is readable enough. If you are using web fonts, use one or two families in order to ensure fast load times.

#10. Place your Call to Actions on the Top

It is always a great idea to place your call to actions along with company phone number and email address on the top of your website. It is advised to go for sliders or images that take two-thirds of the width giving more space for a contact form to be adjusted.

#11. Focus on Buttons

Usually, the Submit or Send button at the bottom of the website form can be the dreadful part of a website. Therefore, it is advised to make website form submission buttons appealing so visitors can’t resist to click on it. Moreover, whenever a visitor clicks on the submit button, it must change color, font treatment, and gradient.

#12. Carefully Test Your Website

No matter you are checking different placements for a call to action or testing different color shades, website optimization can make a great impact. Test your business website on every browser to make it error free. A/B testing or user testing can help you improve your design by getting feedback from real users.

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