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10 Triberr Hacks That Will Help You Grow Your Business

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If you could easily increase your online reach to hundreds of thousands, boosting your business in the process, would you?

Of course you would!

By using Triberr you can network with others in your industry, bring more traffic to your business blog, increase your customer reach and find more readers that you could before. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Triberr?

Triberr started as a great tool to help bloggers help each other by sharing one another’s content. But it has become so much more than that.

Don’t get me wrong, Triberr is still a place to boost blog traffic. But it is also a great place to network and socialize. When you join Triberr, you have a chance to join “tribes.” Everyone in a tribe has the opportunity to share one another’s posts with their own followers. Joining a tribe with many active members will help increase the number of readers that see your blog posts, but will also help you network with others in your industry.

Getting Started

Start by signing up for an account, then connecting your social media profiles and your blog RSS feed. Complete your profile with a brief description of yourself or your business. Include relevant keywords that can help others find your profile.

Search under the Tribes tab and click Explore New Tribes. You can also check the Bonfires tab to see if anyone is looking for tribemates. You will first be added to a tribe as the follower. Followers can share the post of the tribe members, but your own posts will not be shared. To get your business blog posts shared, you can request to be promoted to a full member by the tribe’s chief. Some chiefs will automatically approve your request, while others will expect you to be a little bit more active in the group before getting promoted.

Rock Your Tribes

Now that you know a little more about Triberr and how it works, let’s look at ways to use it to really grow your business.

#1. Look for tribes with a large reach.

This should be a no brainer. If you really want to make the most out of Triberr, you need to be part of tribes that have the most potential to get your blog seen. The actual amount you can reach will vary from niche to niche, but look for groups that have a decent amount of members, but aren’t completely full. Most tribes hold up to 30 members (members, not followers). If the chief has a paid account, the tribe could have 50 or 75 members, depending the type of account.

#2. Get noticed by the chief.

This is especially important if you haven’t been inducted as a full-fledged member yet. Comment on posts in the tribe’s feed. Participate in conversations within the tribe’s conversation area. Being active in the tribe as a member shows that you will be an incredible asset when promoted to a member.

#3. Share often.

Doesn’t matter if you are still a follower or already a member, this is a very important tip. Make sure you get on to Triberr often and share the blog posts of others. Triberr is first and foremost about sharing, and if you aren’t doing your part you could get booted out of the tribe. Make sure to look over the posts before sharing; each one will go to your own audience so you want to make sure you are sharing things that are relevant.

#4. Accept every invitation you get.

Well, as long as the tribe is relevant. After being on Triberr for a while, you will likely start to get invitations to join tribes. If they are related to your business, except the invitation.

#5. Create your own tribe.

Another way to increase your reach, and industry authority, is to create your own tribe and invite other influencers from your niche to join. Give your tribe a name that indicates what your main topic is and start searching through similar tribes for members. Look for people who are active in other tribes and send them an invitation to your tribe.

Get Your Content Shared

#6. Be consistent with your posting.

It’s important to keep your own business blog consistent. The more you post, the more your site gets seen.

#7. Write catchy headlines.

Your title is the first, and sometimes the only, part of your post members read in their stream. It has the potential to get people to share or completely ignore your post. Make sure all your blog titles are interesting to get attention. Also, your headlines should properly convey what your post is about. Triberr members are looking to share posts that are relevant to their own audiences. If they don’t know what your post is about, there’s a chance they won’t share it.

#8. Write great content.

You can’t rely on a catchy headline alone. While it can get you attention, you still need to write posts that will back up your headline.

Now Boost Your Business

#9. Comment.

Yes, I mentioned this as a way to help you get ahead in your tribes, but it’s also a great way to network and boost your business. Commenting on the posts of others, especially those who are well-known in your industry, can help you build strong relationships within your network that will help you in other aspects of your business.

#10. Network.

Your Triberr tribes aren’t just going to be there for sharing your content. Have a new promotion that you need feedback on? Need volunteers to test a new tool? Turn to your tribemates. If you are have been active in the community, chances are you are you will see a response.

Triberr is a great online tool that not only helps your business blog posts get seen, but also helps you network with other professionals in your industry. By joining as many tribes as you can, and actively participating within each group, you have the opportunity to increase your website traffic and increase your business.

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