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10 Must Have Tools for Entrepreneurs

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Starting and managing a successful business is a very complicated task. It involves managing multiple projects as well as people at the same time. Entrepreneurs need to handle the 3Ps – people, process and projects – at the same time. Efficient

Sales Force Management Tools

Sales is the key part to increasing revenue and hence is very crucial for any company to increase sales. Sales force management tools are great for mechanizing sales and boosting the revenue of the company.

#1. Skyward CRM

It is the one stop solution for all business needs from managing the leads to engaging the existing customers. Key features:

  • It helps in forecasting sales and managing sales performance.
  • It is affordable, user-friendly and customizing as per the needs of the company.
  • It has all the features that help in running sales operations swiftly.

#2. Salesforce

It forms business applications to meet all the business requirements. Key features:

  • The tool is very efficient and will completely change the way you communicate with customers.
  • The tool has immense benefits and manages contacts and sales activities.
  • Salesforce carters to all the functional areas of business and helps to soar the company to new heights.

Social Media Management Tools

Social media presence is of prime importance for all the companies. In order to gain popularity and visibility among consumers, you be active on social media. Small as well as large-scale organizations benefit by being active on social media.

#1. SocialPilot

It is a tool which aids in scheduling posts on social media. Key features:

  • Updates added to socialpilot from multiple accounts as well as via email.
  • It will schedule and update the posts automatically and give analytics.
  • Socialpilot shares the updates to multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and many more

#2. Mention

The tool checks the mention about the brand across social media. Key features:

  • It alerts you when there is a mention about your brand or key words across any of the social media platforms.
  • Alerts can also be shared with others in the team to give a quick and swift response.
  • It also helps in monitoring the activities of the competitor.

Project Management Tools

Every organization operates in a unique way and has to handle different types of projects. Managing the project is a very complex task as it involves co-coordinating with the team to meet a complex task in stipulated time. Project Management tools can also help in managing projects efficiently.

#1. Asana

Asana is a tool designed to improve team collaboration. Key features:

  • It helps in managing tasks without use of email.
  • It allows users to edit the task, add comments, notes and attachments.
  • It is free for teams up to 15 with unlimited tasks and projects.

#2. Trello

It is free web-based software which allows making boards and list of cards that help in organizing the project. Key features:

  • Projects are in the form of boards and have lists.
  • Lists contain cards which progress from one list to another.
  • Users can add photos, videos, comments and to do lists on the cards.

Email Management Tools

Managing and dealing with emails is important as well as cumbersome task for the companies. It’s difficult to deal with loads of emails to multiple people with varying degree of importance.

#1. Mailchimp

It is a tool designed for effective email marketing. Key features:

  • It is very user-friendly and helps in customizing the email templates and professional email newsletters.
  • It helps to keep lists clean by managing bounces and targeting the right audience.

#2. Hiverhq

The tool manages tasks, supports and schedules emails. Key features:

  • It helps you to easily assign tasks, delegate emails and their status.
  • It helps to schedule and send the messages later even if you are not online.
  • It allows you to create email templates and share them with your team-mates.
  • It helps to track the response of the emails and set easy reminders.

Customer Support Management Tools

With the increasing rate of competition the only way for survival of a company is to have a strong customer base. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the companies to engage and keep the customers. The best way to keep the customers is to offer them good service and stand up to their expectations.

#1. Tagove

It is cloud based system that provides live video, voice and text chat software to the websites. Key features:

  • It helps you to connect to the customer face-to-face by enabling the option of video and voice chat facility on your phone.
  • It also helps by giving the details about website traffic and time spent on each page.
  • Co-browsing feature allow you to solve customer’s problem easily by sharing screen in real time.

#2. Velaro

It provides excellent chat options for the firms irrespective of the size and budget of the companies. Key features:

  • They offer customized chat solutions for the companies considering the size and budget.
  • Chat solutions offer personal support from real people to make sure proper service to the clients..


It is very important for the entrepreneur to make the best use of technology tools to become more proficient and productive in operations. It also helps to cut the stress and handle the task with efficiency and can save money as well as time.

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