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You Will Thank Us – 11 Tips About Business Plans You Need To Know!

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Business start-ups, entrepreneurs, business plans – to plan or not to plan – oh my; that is the question we work on in this weekly summary by presenting 11 posts that look at different ways and manners that small business can benefit – or not – from a business plan and process.

As a certified One Page Business Plan® consultant I found many of them interesting in their approach.  Several of the writers bemoan the process, the length of the plan, or even the lack of a plan’s utility to real situations.  In the end, I think the last post hits the nail on its head – there are many ways to fail in business – make your effort at failure dramatic – if you want to fail, that is.  Enjoy.

Help Me Answer This Deep Question From a Young Entrepreneur – in this post Tim posits the uncertainty that results from a certain planned action and queries if that means he is not ready.  Good for those planning to plan. Tim Berry at Planning Startup

The Heat is On: Summer Scheduling – in this post Rachel discusses the challenges of setting goals – and accomplishing them during the 3rd quarter summer season. Great read for work at Moms – and Dads, as well as any small business looking to keep focused. Rachel Blaufeld at Startup Nation – Small Business Expert

Getting Your Freelancing Business Started: Make Sure You’re Not Doomed Before You Launch – this post discusses a freelancers efforts to organize and establish her business.  Good lessons to be learned from the process she followed. Erin Griggs at Freelancers

Five business planning myths you need to forget – Here are several items you should review, especially if you are thinking: “I have a real clear idea of my new business, I don’t need a plan.” Alan Gleeson at

A Harvard Professor Analyzes Why Start-Ups Fail – While not about business planning this post certainly highlights a number of proven reasons why start-up fails. Great research we can all benefit by. Jessica Bruder at You’re the Boss, the New York

Great Businesses Don’t Start With a Plan – This post describes research that validates success with entrepreneurs’ on business start-ups usually do not start with a business plan; positing that heart is more significant.  Great read and inspiring.   Anthony K. Tjan, Harvard Business Review

Risks and Contingencies in a Business Plan – This is a short little blog with illustration (no not the mouse and the cheese) of how things can go wrong in a start-up. Howard Greenstein,

Business planning is pointless – Not sure why the author thinks this, but perhaps he believes that those who succeed without planning (42%) should be the pattern for the rest of businesses.  Ron at

Seven Ways to Create (and keep) a One Page Business Plan – I wrote this post to describe how easy it is to create an actionable plan – as long as you act on it and keep it current. Warren at

Helping your business to fail faster! – This writer talks a bit about how you can fail – even with a plan, by not doing effective research, although he admits with social networks and the Internet more is available for research.  Interesting twist. Neil at

Seven Fool-Proof Ways of Going Broke – in this post the author, as contrarian, lists a number of ways to fail in your business.  Good advice to those who want to fail.  Maybe some large corporations have been listening too much?  Dan Boudreau at

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