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The 9c’s of Entrepreneurial Success

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Entrepreneurship is more of a journey than a state of mind or self-actualization.

Every successful entrepreneur holds certain traits ranging from Bill Gates down to the Oil moguls of UAE. Over time, the following 9c’s of entrepreneurial success are determinants of how much progress your business would make, how long it would be there for and how much impact it would make.

Here are the 9c’s of Entrepreneurial Success:-

#1. Courage

To achieve entrepreneurial success, you need to be able to face challenges or eat that frog which simply means facing your biggest fear or worry. Growing a business is more or less the same, most times, tasks or projects might seem impossible, but someone’s got to do it right?

Success in entrepreneurship or in the business world involves having the courage to make decisions that would shape the future or take the risk to move things ahead. Once you lack the required courage then your business or personal life is hanging by the thread. Courage is in everything you do, waking up every day, going to the office, making plans, approaching clients or customers, pitching investors. You need to get out of your comfort zone and face your fear head on.

A perfect example of this would be Steve Jobs, who went against all odds to create something out of the ordinary and invented the Macintosh.

#2. Conviction

No-one understands or would comprehend your dreams and plans. Without conviction, you can’t jump out of bed every day and chase your dreams relentlessly. Conviction imbibed in you would infect others and join you in building your dream business and purpose.

Your conviction would drive those around you to help your mission, they would feel your passion and energy then offer advice, tips in actually realizing your mission. To achieve your goals and dreams you need to constantly revise your strategy, solicit advice, and check yourself.

Remember without conviction you can’t garner the energy to chase your dreams, convince others in helping you and convince customers to buy your products or services.

Think about it this way, if you are not convinced of yourself and your business then customers won’t either and there would be no entrepreneurial success for you.

#3. Capabilities

In entrepreneurship, you take on the capability to make anything happen. Making the hard decisions (who to fire and assign to a task), As an entrepreneur, you need the capability to follow your vision, carry along those who buy your vision and discard those who don’t support your vision.

#4. Creativity

Creativity plays a major role in the success of your business or personal life, you need to have a “thinking out of the box” brain to make things happen and outrank your competitors. You need to understand that whatever you’re thinking of presently has probably been acted upon or thought by someone else at that same time.

Creativity also comes to play in making problem-solving decisions, without creativity as an integrated part of you, you are headed to a crash site.

Looking at the world today, the biggest and most successful people or businesses decided to go out of the norm, they decided to take the path which has never been walked on, facing fears, challenges and obstacles with courage.

Do remember, creativity is the biggest predictor of success in life than muscle power.

#5. Commitment

As an entrepreneur, you need to put everything into your dreams and business, remove distractions and break through challenges and obstacles. To achieve entrepreneurial success, you need to be committed, give it everything you got, your time, willpower, knowledge and resources.

A committed entrepreneur would exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Exhibiting raw ambitions
  • Need little or no positive feedback
  • Has little to no social life and plan to have none
  • Comfortable with working at odd hours

#6. Collaboration

Choosing the right business partner, teammate, a coworker tells a lot about your entrepreneurship skill and leadership skill. Collaboration with the right parties would either build or destroy your business or plans.

Effective collaboration is akin to the game of sports or chess, every single player or piece has a major role and it is to complement other players or pieces to victory or intended results. To achieve intended results, a team or partner must be carefully chosen, provide useful feedback and spend time training to become better versions of themselves with the aim of continuous improvement and growth for the business, and their personal lives.

A perfect example would be the founders of Google: Larry Page and Sergey Brin

#7. Communication

Communication helps you in effectively relating to others your thoughts, ideas, emotions. Effective communications transmit who you are, what you do, what you are capable of and what you are willing to do to make your business succeed.

Without communication, you can’t engage with your audience’s desire, wants and needs which means your business would not grow.

Ways mastering the skills of communication can improve your business and guarantee success:

  • You can expand your reach in the marketplace
  • Aid in leading and educating your employees

#8. Capital

Capital has always been revered to as the lifeblood of any project or business. With and without capital, your dreams and goals can or cannot be achieved, finding or outsourcing capital is another major task of the entrepreneur, no one would generate capital to chase or build your dream business on your behalf.

Businesses and entities have failed due to lack of funds to continue its existence while too much cash to throw around can result in mismanagement of funds, overspending in the wrong areas leading to bankruptcy.

Every entrepreneur should stay focused on how to raise capital to fund their business and grow its brand.

#9. Consciousness

As an entrepreneur, you should learn from the past and present to create the future, you desire, be sensitive to actions, the decision that has helped grow and stunt your business.

Be conscious of obstacles, challenges your business or dreams are experiencing and how you can easily pull through. As an entrepreneur, you should also be conscious of your employees and customers, how they react to your products or services and how your employees react to your business goals and more.

With strategic planning, calculation, actions, your chances of success are increased.


The growth of your business depends on you, applying the tips above, you should be on the right track to success. Read the right books, learn to delegate and hire help, seek advice and remain humble.

What other entrepreneurial traits do you know play a major role in guaranteeing success, let me know in your comments.

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