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Take Advantage Of Using Social Media To Recruit Great Employees

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People in today’s world are extremely attached to social media networks. As a result, the employers have started hunting for great employees through these platforms. It can be considered as one of the most convenient methods available for you to get the right people into your company.

However, there are a few important tips that employers need to keep in mind when they are recruiting employees through social media. Failing to pay attention towards these factors can make them end up wasting their time as well as money. Therefore, it is important for all the hiring managers to be aware of what needs to be done when hiring potential employees from social media networks. By following these tips you can take advantage of using social media to recruit great employees for your organization.

Target the recruitment only to potential job seekers

First of all, the employers should keep in mind that they should only target the recruitment campaign to potential job seekers. This can be considered as a convenient as well as a cost-effective method that is available to publicize the jobs.

There are companies that tend to post the available job vacancies through the company Facebook page or Twitter account. If you want to promote such a post, you will have to spend a large amount of money.

On the other hand, all the people who follow your company profile would not want to become your employees. Therefore, it is better to use a separate social media channel, which is specifically designed to recruit potential candidates through social media. This will assist you to stay away from spamming the followers with delivering irrelevant information to them.

Pay special attention towards word choice

When you are hiring employees through social media, it is important to keep in mind that you cannot act like you are a part of a traditional job board.

There are potential candidates who go through your social media channel every single day. On the other hand, there are candidates who would search for available vacancies using hashtags or keywords.

Therefore, you will have to compile a concise job description by including all the relevant keywords. Then you would be helping your candidates to look for the available vacancies with minimum hassle. In addition, you need to be careful enough to design the job postings in such a way so that they can stand out in the crowd.

When you are creating the job description, you will need to get yourself in the shoes of one of your potential employees. This will assist you to get a clear understanding of the keywords, which would be used by the employees when they are searching for available job vacancies. In addition, you need to make sure that the posts you upload on Twitter and Facebook are tagged properly so that they would be visible in the relevant fields.

Don’t just focus on the advertisements

If you make the decision to hire employees through social media, you should not just focus only on the advertisements. Advertisements and job postings can be considered as a single method available for you to recruit employees towards the company.

In addition, you will need to build relationships with the potential candidates that you can get in touch with social media networks. In order to do that, you can organize relevant events or share relevant information through your social media channel.

In other words, you need to share interesting things about your organization that they could see. You can add details about the events in your organization and company culture. If you have recently done any renovations in the office, you can post pictures highlighting them as well. Or else, you can simply add a photo of the new workout room, which was just installed at your office.

In case the organization follows a specific application process, you can compile a presentation or an interactive video, which explains how each and every step of the process would look like. These methods are more effective when compared to the job advertisements that you post using the social media channel. This method would give you the opportunity to get in great employees to your organization.

Be creative as much as possible

When you are recruiting potential job seekers to your organization through social media, you should be creative as much as possible. The three most popular social media networks that are being used by employers to recruit employees include LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

However, you should never forget that it is possible for you to find many other social media networks, which consist of millions of active users. They must also be looking for jobs and the perfect employee that you have in your mind could be on those platforms.

Therefore, you should figure out how you can expand your recruitment campaigns to other social media networks in a creative manner. For example, you can think about using Instagram or Pinterest in order to post job openings as well as creative posts. Or else, you can use Reddit and Quora in order to interact with the industry specific communities and help them with finding answers to the fields that are related to you. Then you can share the word about your recruitment campaigns.

Be careful to screen the employees

Last but not least, you need to be careful enough in order to screen all the employees that get through the initial interviews. This is a process that must be done before you hire any employee.

While hiring, you never come into a face to face interview with the employees. Therefore, it is important to verify the identity of the employees. Otherwise, you will have to face a variety of issues after taking them into the company. However, identity verification would not be a job that you can do on your own. Therefore, you need to seek the assistance of a professional service provider to verify their identity. Then you will be able to make sure that you take in the best possible candidates to the company.

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