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Is It Time to Sell Your Website? 4 Tips To Make A Good Sale

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Whether it’s a site you’ve carefully crafted over several years, or a quick niche site you built just to re-sell, you’ll want to get the best deal you can. You can increase your chances of making a good sale by following these tips. 

# 1. Is it time to sell?

Look at your website as a potential buyer would. Does it have a clear, profitable niche? Does it have good earning potential, and is it earning well now? Does it have excellent traffic numbers? Is it going to be easy to run, or are there too many pieces that turn it into a confusing jumble?

Making a list of questions your potential buyers may ask will help you decide if now’s the right time to sell your website — or if it needs some more work before you can get a good price.

# 2. Check your stats

Before listing your site, you’ll need to research the data your buyers will want to know. This includes:

  • Your site’s online rankings (such as on Alexa).
  • Your targeted traffic statistics and information from Google Analytics. (Note: This number should not be total traffic or total page views — these numbers are largely meaningless. Instead, focus on targeted traffic that’s interested in your niche and stays on the site for awhile, rather than stumbling across it and leaving immediately.)
  • Visitor demographics.
  • Monetization stats — How much has your site earned, and what is its future earning potential?

This information will be expected by potential buyers, and can also help you come up with a reasonable value for your site.

# 3. Optimize your site’s profitability before listing it

If your site doesn’t have any advertising or hasn’t gone through proper conversion testing, it’s not going to bring you as much at the sale. Before listing it, test different ad networks, affiliate offers, and ad placements on your site to find out what works the best.

Remember that even small changes (like how you word your offer or call to action) can make a huge difference in conversion. If you haven’t tested different versions, your site may not be drawing as much profit as it could — which can put a serious dent in its sale value.

# 4. Choose the right auction site

Now that your site’s ready for sale, it’s time to decide where you’ll list it. You have hundreds of auction sites to choose from, but only a few will attract quality buyers who are likely to give you what your site’s worth.

If your site can appeal to a wide audience, you can list it on a general-purpose auction site. If, however, it’s a niche site with a focused audience, try to find an auction site that will attract buyers in that niche.

Getting to the point where you’re ready to sell your website can be an exciting time. But don’t let your enthusiasm lead you to make mistakes that can cost you money on the sale. Do your homework, make your site as attractive to potential buyers as possible, and you’re more likely to get the best deal possible.

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