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How to Motivate Your Employees to Stay in Your Company in 2019

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Every employer knows how difficult it is to find and train a specialist who will be loyal, responsible, and committed. We hire people to see them grow as professionals together with our business and to increase the income their work brings. When an experienced and valuable professional leaves, it’s a great loss for a company.

The world changes and people change too. There are timeless needs that will always be relevant to people. But some of the previous generations’ crucial needs aren’t like this for modern workers anymore, and vice versa – the new needs become more and more important.

Why do employees leave? There can be various reasons, either connected or not connected to your company. First, let’s speak of the changes in life that force someone into this decision – relocation, the birth of a child, family issues. These situations don’t seem to concern your business at all, but there’s still something you can do about it.

Give Remote Cooperation a Try

The first question you should ask yourself is about the possibility of offering an employee of immense value to continue working remotely. This method won’t work for all companies but it can for some. Nowadays, there’s even an option for the employees to be present at meetings with the help of Skype.

You can offer your trusted employee such an option if the job doesn’t strictly require an actual physical presence. Sometimes, this may be enough not to lose a valuable worker. But you can face denial if the issue is deeper than just a matter of physical presence.

To be honest, remote workers deserve more trust than they actually receive. Nowadays people have other life perspectives than they used to have earlier, they want to travel a lot, be mobile and have the most of their lives. Remote work allows them to achieve their goals and feel free – this is their motivation.

The amount of mothers that need to work and to take care of their small children is constantly growing. Remote work is an excellent way for them to cover both of their needs. They can be very loyal and committed workers and their kids are the best motivation for them to do their job.

The idea of hiring remote workers is, unfortunately, still unpopular among entrepreneurs, but you should definitely give it a try. Even if you already had, and your experience was negative, try again – one irresponsible worker doesn’t mean all of them are like this. An added benefit of having remote workers – such employees are less likely to leave you because of any changes in their lives.

Are You Sure You’re Doing This for Your Workers in 2019?

To be sure your employees are motivated to stay and develop inside your company, you need to be sure that you do everything to cover their needs on different levels, from health to personal goals.


It’s not only a matter of health insurance but also a matter of care too. Sports activities available in the office, healthy food, bonuses for critical weight loss or quitting bad habits – the ways in which you can help people can be very creative. A healthy worker is an effective worker. The office does damage to health – sedentary work, stress, eye tension, and other “benefits” are well-known to everyone. Compensate it to your workers at least partially, with a caring attitude.


Of course, as a professional grows, improves his or her level and helps your company achieve new goals, this should be valued. Money is the best (though can’t be the only one) motivation for your workers to stick with your company. Let the salary of your employees grow with their proficiency. Bonuses for successful projects are also a good example of positive financial motivation.

Perspectives and competition

A valuable asset should be able to plan his or her future in your company. When there are no possibilities to grow and develop, an active and ambitious professional will leave sooner or later. A little competitive spirit is also a motivation for ambitious workers, but be careful not to turn it into a struggle, because it will affect the work of the entire team in a negative way. Positivity and cooperation should be the keywords for all your implementations.

Kind approach

Management should have a humane face. There are workers that can be effective only when limited by strict rules, but that’s because of a lack of inner motivation. Being an approachable manager, you motivate people to be grateful and work better. However, you shouldn’t be too kind as well – discipline should be discipline, but without the ability to be flexible you will keep losing people.

Family values

People work to support their families, and they are of top importance for them. Today, the absolute trend in entrepreneurship is family-friendly. This means being approachable to families with children, and this doesn’t only mean mothers. A progressive company should also promote the involvement of fathers into parentship.

Social awareness

The world today is a very conscious place. Modern people care about the environment, equality, inclusion and many other important social issues. Being a part of an eco-friendly company or an LGBT-friendly company is not just working for it – it’s a mission to make the world a better place to live. Doing one’s part in this mission and recognition of oneself as someone who participates in a great project to change the world for better makes your employees feel more important.

As you can see, the needs of employees have evolved in 2019. They still want to have a good salary and to be respected and cared for, but they also want more freedom, more consciousness and more equality in different spheres of life. Give it to them and they will pay you back with their loyalty and commitment.

Of course, no one can guarantee that no employee will leave if you provide people with everything mentioned above. People are different, and the reason for their departure also varies. You can’t foresee and prevent everything, but a friendly and flexible approach will significantly increase the chances that they stick with your company and be happy to work for you for years to come.


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