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8 Common Misconceptions about Careers in Management

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Having a set professional goal in life is a luxury enjoyed by few. On top of it, a career in management is like walking to a field of activated landmines with hundreds of opportunities just waiting to blow your mind away. However, for a person who has chosen the field of management, life can be challenging as he is well surrounded with common misconceptions from peers and relatives, who without proper inputs assert that a management professional has a smooth run of things.

Most people have a rather reactive approach towards their career and they feel completely downsized by the nagging or taunting of others on their corporate lifestyle which is an unfortunate misconception that limits their career progression.

You can never judge a person unless you walk in their shoes for a mile. This statement stands true for ambitious personnel who wish to consider a career in sales or marketing or core management operations. There seem to be more common misconceptions running around these departments. Many people believe that managerial roles are constantly filled with anxiety, rejections, and shallowness. The real question, however, should be how much of that view is a function of perception rather than reality? For instance, working in sales can be rewarding if you get the complete know-how of the field before jumping in.

Contemplate better by reading through some of the common misconceptions about a career in management which both applicants and people have in common.

A resume is sufficient for Job Search

A common misconception runs through the alleys of job search markets that post-study of masters in management or MBA, the candidate’s resume is the sufficient document to apply and succeed for a job. In order to land your dream career in a management firm, apart from the resume, you need to file in your sets of achievements, target companies lists, a comprehensive professional biography to sustain a lasting impact on the employer.

Sales is a dead end profession

It is commonly perceived that going for a sales profession is like being a street vendor screaming out the latest deals. However, proper experience-based training in customer dealings provides a solid foundation for sales professional success. Once the basics of selling points and processes are understood, there’s only going forward from that point.

Managers are screaming dictators of the organizations

Being a manager has its ups and downs. As a manager’s intern, you tend to gain some habits, processes and certain principles which when you get promoted try to instill in the overall managerial operations. That’s when your subordinates feel you suck the life out of their work as you harp on getting things done with needless precision. But the hidden emphasis they seem to forget is that you as a manager are the real heroes of the organization, who give away their precious work-free hours to micromanage the activities and enhance the creativity by guiding over the mistakes and appreciating their achieved deadlines and making the teams work together.

Employers offer the best possible salary packages to the job applicants

Another misconceived notion; some applicants believe that the compensation offered to them is the best on the table but in reality, it’s clearly not. Employers always assume that their recruits have done thorough salary research; so they expect dynamic negotiations from them. Smart recruiters often state a low compensation offer to test a candidate’s negotiation skills on their ‘trial salary offerings’ to check how they react since there’s always room for improvements. Hence, they let go of the ones who fail to react or negotiate.

Anybody can be in the marketing and sales department

Some gossip groups have come up with this bizarre theory that if you fail to gain acquire your dream job, you can always fall back to sales and marketing job roles. What they forget to discuss is that both sales and marketing require advanced training, great people skills, experience and passion for the field. Having a well-tailored Masters in marketing degree in your grip sustains excellent career prospects for you.

Networking is meant only for Entrepreneurs and Recruiters

Once you get hold of a good managerial position in a top firm, it’s natural of letting go of the old networks, but it is a wrong idea to the harbor. It is smart to always enrich your connections as consistent and effective networking always pays big dividends and investments, a great booster to ongoing career management.

Here are a few tips for how to improve your Networking Skills and wider your opportunities: Don’t Like Networking Meetings? Network Online Instead.

All Business owners have to be perfect with numbers

While it’s true that on some levels having a good quantitative knowledge comes in handy in running a business; having an excellent grip on accounting is just an optional incentive for business administrators, since they excel in other organizational and interpersonal skills required to run a business. So, numerical inhibitions shouldn’t hold anyone in pursuing a career in management.    

Fewer Employees equals to Easier Management

Just another big myth amongst many, fewer employees never entails for quick and hassle-free jobs for managers. It is never about how many you can manage but how and what they are like to manage. Sometimes having a self-motivated and enthusiastic group of 20 teams under your wing can be the best thing ever with sure profit bringing possibilities.


Management Companies Climb the success ladder in a short time

 One of the common misconceptions of today is if you are working for a management firm, you will rise from a lower position role to a higher position in no time. Some tend to forget that any job role requires proper training and experience to gain higher job roles. Rome wasn’t built in a day; So the key is to work hard and in the longer run, you might succeed to run your own company or acquire a senior managerial role in one.

So there you have it, blindsiding yourself with common management myths and misconceptions is dangerous. So get acquainted with proper managerial insights and aim for a fulfilling career in management.

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