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Top Tips on How to be the Best Manager that You Can Possibly be

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Whether you’re new to management, or you’re just looking for some tips in order to keep your approach fresh, it can be difficult to know whether you’re doing a good job. People underestimate the pressure that those in managerial positions experience, and it’s no surprise! Managing yourself is one thing, but managing a bunch of people is a whole other story! Although difficult, done well, being a manager can be extremely rewarding – and the financial benefits aren’t too bad either. But what if you’re feeling in a bit of a rut with your managerial techniques, or you’ve recently been promoted and are wanting to do the best you possibly can? Well, these top tips will help you to be the best manager that you possibly can be.

Choose Your Team Wisely

When it comes to managing, really, you’re only as good as the rest of your team – after all, there’s no I in team is there? Given that you’re the manager, it makes sense you’d have a say in the recruitment process, so make sure you assemble a strong team of individuals in order to let business thrive.

Say, for example, you were the manager of house buying companies – what would you want, or need, from your team?

The obvious place to start would be with people who have some sort of background knowledge or experience in the sector you’re in – so in this case, it would be on property buying and selling. Then you can look at the different personalities and personal attributes that each member could possibly contribute to the team. Obviously, you’ll want hard workers, those who are dedicated and those who are knowledgeable but never be afraid to look for something that stands out. Maybe you’ll find someone with innovative ideas, a creative to help with any design work, or even just someone who is able to think outside of the box and contribute greatly to team meetings. The stronger the team, the stronger the business, so think about this carefully as you begin to assemble them. It could be the difference between roaring success, and unfortunate failure.

Motivate Your Team

Even the best-assembled team in the world will have days where work feels like a slog. It’s on these days, that it’s therefore down to you in order to motivate them, and get them through. Especially on those midweek days, when it feels like it should be Friday already, but there are several days to go.

When it comes to motivating a team, it’s usually best to introduce some sort of awards or incentives. This isn’t bribery – but it simply ups team spirit and gives them something to aim towards when the days are starting to feel never-ending – which, let’s face it, at work they can. It can be something as simple as the person who performs the best over the next few days gets to leave an hour early on Friday – paid of course. It not only gives them to work towards, but encourages some healthy in-team competition too. Nothing motivates people more than some friendly competition!

Provide Direction

However, it’s not all about motivating and choosing the best team possible – you have to play your part too. Because you’re the manager, your subordinates will look to you for direction, so it’s up to you to give them just that. Any strong team needs a strong leader, and therefore it’s up to you to play your role to the best of your ability.

As well as motivating, it’s about showing how to best move towards the goals you’re trying to achieve as a collective. Take charge when things get tough, and lead your team in the right direction!

Always Try to Improve Your Own Skills

As well as managing the rest of the team, it’s important that you’re always looking at how you can commit to your own self-improvement. Any good boss or manager is always looking for ways to improve their leadership skills – and if you’re sat reading this right now, there’s a good chance you’re one of these people. Never be afraid to ask for advice, read blogs, or even go to short courses or classes. You could be surprised at what you can learn.

Become Better at Time Management

Time management is crucial when you’re managing a team – for both yourself and those around you. It goes without saying that as a manager, you should always make the effort to be early and efficient in order to set a good example, but also be mindful of how much time you’re spending on each individual task. The better you manage your time, the more you’ll get done – and the same goes for the team you’re managing too. Set timescales for the tasks at hand to ensure productivity.

Consider Team Building Exercises

As well as encouraging your team to engage in healthy competition with one another, remember to boost morale by ensuring that they work as a team too. You might all do something different, but you’re all working for the same company and ultimately towards the same goal.

Team building exercises are a great way not only to implement team spirit, but it also breaks up the day and allows workers to engage their brains in something different just like people are doing in Bitcoin eToro. Bitcoin where the complex puzzles need to be solved to get it, can not be possible without a great them. Whether it be a physical or mental activity it really doesn’t matter – so long as they have to work together to achieve it. As a manager, you should not only be running these team-building exercises, but you should join in too! Although you’re in charge to an extent, you’re also an important member of the team. The more people feel that they can work with and talk to you, the better the dynamics in the workplace will be.

Remember to Take a Break

Finally, always remember to take a break. A stressed manager tends to equal a stressed team, so take time to destress and rejuvenate in order to keep everyone well balanced. A well-balanced workforce is likely to be both more productive, and successful.

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