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Juggling Job Roles? Learn How to Project Manage YOU

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From parents whom juggle family-life with full-time employment to budding entrepreneurs who have toes dipped in several business ventures, wearing many hats can be all too difficult.

When working in an office environment it becomes second nature to ably project manage yourself. However, when you take that working environment away, project management is often easier said than done.

In order to work in a productive and profitably way, it’s important to be able to project manage yourself and your expectations. Once achieved you will be able to reach your goals and advance your career.

Here are eight ways to profitably project manage yourself and increase work flow:

  1. A flexible and versatile schedule is the key to success. When creating a schedule you must take into account locked-in events, the ones you cannot control or re-schedule, such as: deadlines, appointments and meetings. Once you have an idea of your schedule, begin to list daily tasks which need completing, these tasks may include: household chores and exercise classes (although minor still important to running your schedule smoothly). Also dedicate flex-time to your tasks because sometimes things don’t always go to plan.
  2. Create to-do lists for each task allowing you to keep ideas fresh in your mind. When you’re working independently you feel like you can complete all tasks that come your way but this isn’t always the case. Delegate work to a partner, family member or outsource tasks. For example: free yourself from answering phone calls with a telephone answering service.
  3. Learn to become accountable for yourself and always make strategic decisions. What is important for you to complete today? Don’t favour or ignore tasks because you rather be doing something else, instead complete tasks by priority.
  4. Your workplace and environment is vital to achieving. Create a place where you want to work and which inspires you to create. Organise and de-clutter your workplace to allow for easy working. Fill your space with things that inspire you, such as holiday photographs, and opt to dismiss items which provoke procrastination and distraction.
  5. When working at home we often choose to wear clothes that we’re more comfortable in wearing – this often being lounge or sleepwear – but if you want the mindset of a professional then you must dress like one too. If your children are at home and making a fuss, create a workstation with crayons and books to make them feel apart of what you’re doing.
  6. Take time from your day to motivate yourself and refresh your mind. While taking time out don’t let anybody disturb or interrupt you. This process could be done over your morning coffee or when you sit down to eat your lunch. Regularly reward yourself when you have completed a high priority task.
  7. Monitor your progress repeatedly and give feedback on your performance. Determine where your time has gone and how it could have been spent wiser. You cannot control your past or your future, but you can control your current situation.
  8. Have self confidence in your abilities and potential to complete tasks. Be aware of your strengths and understand what management style works for you. Use your passions to develop a style and work continuously to bettering your future.

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