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Important Guidelines For Business Proposal Writing

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The quality of the proposal makes a huge difference between losing and winning the contract. For writing winning proposals, it is essential to say right things in a right manner. Some of the contracts are won just because of the correct proposals.

In this article, we will discuss the important proposal writing guidelines.

Determine the plan of the proposal

Consider these 3 questions: –

  1. Who is your client?
  2. What do you want your client to get from your proposal?
  3. How can you make sure that your client understands what you want to say?

Decide on content

The client mentions in RFP what he/she wants to get in the proposal. Thus, read RFP carefully. Take note of repeated words, as these words give a clue for what actually matters to that client. Write how you have understood the problem of the client and the solution to that problem; do not just repeat the information given in the RFP.

Decide on style of the proposal

The writing style of the proposal is just like any technical piece of writing.  I have collaborated the guidelines below, for effective corporate proposal writing : –

  1. Use the language which is understandable for everyone.
  2. State your purpose at the start of the proposal.
  3. Use short and clear sentences.
  4. Ensure that the client gets all important information which is required to take final decision.

Do’s & don’ts in business proposal writing

To make corporate proposal writing a success, follow these dos and don’ts: –

  • Don’t assume that the reader will consider your solution as best – You write the proposal to convince the reader that your provided solution is the best. However, you shouldn’t be over-confident that you will get the contract.
  • Research thoroughly – Provide the reader with all essential facts and examples. This makes the proposal more convincing and meaningful. For this, research well to find different business proposal templates to have a clue on how to write your proposal.
  • Don’t copy from previous proposals – Provide the client the information which is customized for him/her. Don’t copy the information which you have written in your earlier proposal. Of course, you can copy the appendix where you have described your product/service and introduced your personnel.
  • Write about yourself if the client has asked you to do so – Some businessmen make a mistake that they write about themselves even when they are not asked to do so. This is wrong. Write about the problems of the clients and the solutions only.

So, you just have to take these guidelines seriously, implement them in your next business proposal and you will clearly see the impact it would have on your business.

New tips and suggestions from our readers are always welcomed. So don’t forget to share your comments and suggestions below.

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