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How Can I Look Amazing On LinkedIn?

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As I referred to on a previous post (

Here are 15 things to make you look more Amazing on LinkedIn:

  1. Make sure your profile is 100% complete. (Good photo and well written bio). Spend time writing your summary. Make sure it clearly explains what you do and highlights your experience. Ensure that it will attract the attention of your prospective customers and make you as an individual stand out above your competition. Invest in a professional photo that represents the “business” you. (No Facebook style photos!)
  2. Make sure you have a unique LinkedIn URL and add it to your business cards and email signature. Eg.
  3. Why not rename “My Company” to the name of your company eg. “Careers Coach Website” and add your Twitter, Blog or even a link to your Facebook Business page (if appropriate) to your profile.
  4. Rearrange your Linkedin profile to stand out. You may want your “Amazing” blog to be towards the top of the page and not at the bottom. Here is a link to show you how to move you sections around –
  5. Update your status once or twice per day. Every time you update your status on LinkedIn it shows up on your connections feed. So regular relevant updates can ensure that you will not be forgotten by your connections. NB. Warning -Too many updates can have a negative effect and may annoy the very people you are hoping to impress. I would suggest that you never link your Twitter account to update automatically with LinkedIn. I recently “disconnected” with an individual whose status was updated 20 + times a day via Twitter and discussed irrelevant info such as what he was having for dinner.
  6. Always personalise your LinkedIn invitations. If you want to connect with someone show them the courtesy of writing a personalised invitation telling them why you want to connect and what value you can offer them.
  7. Convert as many business contacts on your offline database online to LinkedIn. Every relevant business card you receive, take the time out to connect with them on LinkedIn.
  8. Build up a number of quality recommendations. Ask every happy customer or client to recommend you. Many people’s recommendations are limited to work colleagues and friends. These recommendations are far less impressive than ones from your customers.
  9. Join and participate in relevant Groups. Eg. If you are an expert in Environmental Engineering find groups in that sector. You will never get noticed unless you participate in the group. Start discussions, share your blog posts, ask questions and comment on other people’s posts. Be Amazing and showcase your expertise.

10.  Demonstrate your capability by answering questions.

11.  Add slides or even video to your LinkedIn profile using Slide Share. ( or Google Docs. You could really stand out by adding a professional Video showcasing your talent to your profile.

12.  Use the Events section to find relevant offline events. LinkedIn may be an online social media site, but it is one of the best resources for finding local industry specific business and networking events. Tip – If you have good connections a great way to find events is to click on the “See Events Your Connections Are Attending” link.

13.  Demonstrate knowledge by recommending books. What are the “Amazing” books about business or your industry that you have read? Why not be associated with them by endorsing them on your LinkedIn profile?

14.  Drive traffic to your website by adding a Blog feed to your profile.

15.  Nothing in business will every beat face to face interaction. Make a conscious effort to meet influential connections off line. Our online relationships are often strengthened by off line meet ups.

What other tips would you suggest to the Business Professional that wants to look “Amazing” on LinkedIn?

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