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Home Business: Concentrate On The Why, Not The How

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One of the biggest questions often asked online is how can you create a successful home business. I could give many responses including excellent marketing, quality products and responsive customer service.

While many of these elements are important to the success of a home business, these are not the true answers. There is no single formula for creating a successful home business and there will never be a ‘how to guide’ that works for everyone or any industry. Instead there will be advice and support, local / national seminars and mentors. Each will have their own approach and some will work for you and others will not.

Home Business: Concentrate On The Why Not The How

The True Question

The real question everyone who wants to start a home business should ask themselves is not how can they start a business but why?

For me the answer is very simple. I wanted to spend time with my children and see them grow up. My father was in the army when I was young and he missed many of my first moments. As a child I never understood why he was away and I remember not being very close to my father.

Now I understand that decision and appreciate the sacrifices he made for my upbringing. But my enlightenment doesn’t mean my children would understand the same decision.

The Similar Mistake

In fact, I had made a similar mistake when my two eldest were very young. I worked for companies that demanded 12 hour days with long commutes plus working from home in the evening and weekends. This meant often I was not there for my children and this was painfully obvious when I missed Christmas Eve and New Years Eve in the same year – both very important dates in my calendar.

The Creation Of The Home Business

Now for my home business, I can choose my own hours and schedules allowing me to never miss those important dates. For instance, I’ve been to all my daughter’s school trips and I’ve had the chance to go to all my son’s events. I can take time off on some days to take him to football practice. This has meant I’ve worked late or got up very early but the smiling faces of my children is worth the compromise.

For other fathers, starting a home business might not be right. However, they can still obtain the same dreams by choosing the right employer to work for. For instance you may get less money working more locally, but it could be worth it! It all depends on your lifestyle goals. There is nothing wrong with earning a significant wage to support your family, like there is nothing wrong with earning a smaller wage to be with them more. The only question that matters to you is why you do it.

The same applies to the home business. Don’t ask yourself how you are going to achieve it, ask why you are going to achieve it. Knowing the reasons will give you drive to succeed and a wave of excitement as you wake up one morning knowing that you have achieved a life goal.

Why have you started your business? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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