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Good Customer Service? Don’t Bank on it!

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Okay this week’s blog post is more like a rant than anything else. I am struggling to see how companies can still get away with such bad customer service.

On Monday, I went to the bank to deposit a personal cheque. I arrived at a silly time. I’ll grant you that – 12.45pm. The queue resembled the queue you might expect from the Passport Office the day after their strike….Yes it was long and disorderly.  The general banking area has 6 customer service desks….only 2 of them were open.  That said the business banking desk was open with a gentleman twiddling his thumbs and yawning and the Bureau de Change desk had three members of staff chatting away as the tumble weed rolled by their section.

The two Bank Cashiers that were working were doing so, so slowly and seemed to have little experience. They constantly got up from their chair to send out another S.O.S to a manager for help. One even found time to leave her area and make a cup of tea during my wait. Both cashiers were chewing gum, call me an old stick in the mud, but that is hardly a good look. However, it was the scowl and lack of eye contact that really capped the experience. No -“Sorry for the wait”, No- “Hello”, No- “Thank You and have a good day”. In fact when I did reach the counter, the two cashiers continued on their conversation about how hungover they were and how much they hated their job.  I found this particularly irritating as there are over 400,000 unemployed in Ireland, many whom would cherish such a job.

I finally turned into the Incredible Hulk mode when I went up to the “Customer Service” desk to complain and was told to get in the queue. By the time I left,  as the picture suggests I was as angry as the Incredible Hulk. Maybe the Incredible Sulk would be more apt.

The bank has made an effort since to apologise for my experience, however no reaction will take that sour taste away!  After all a job seeker that shows up late and inappropriately dressed for an interview is unlikely to get a second chance.

When I got back to my office, I started to think about my customers... I think I am a good communicator and I provide a high level of customer service to each and every client. That said I had not picked up the phone and talked to all my previous customers lately.  I got dialing and spent a large part of Monday afternoon and Tuesday talking to my old customers. Finding out how they were getting on in their new careers, getting their feedback on my newsletter, blogs etc.  It is only Wednesday and I have got some super advice, wonderful testimonials, great positive stories on how Careers Coach made a difference to their life and to cap off this wonderful experience two new clients referred to me!

Take a moment out today to review your customer service and see if you can improve on the level service you give your clients. Let me know how you get on.

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