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How Investors Can Manage Risk in Peer to Peer Lending

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Peer to peer lending is a modern investment method that has become widely accepted. It provides investors with an opportunity to get stable and high returns by providing peer to peer loans to borrowers. Even though it is a risk-based asset class, investors can take some precautionary steps to manage risk.

We are going to enlist a few steps that you can take to manage investment risk:

Tips to Manage Risk in Peer to Peer Lending

Know Your Platform

In the UK, P2P lending is regulated by the FCA which introduced guidelines in 2019 to specify the framework within which peer to peer lending platforms can operate. The absence of regulatory in any industry can lead to increased lender confidence as they provide structure and credibility to it. Therefore, you should choose a platform that is compliant with the regulatory framework. However, while regulation is important, but FCA approval doesn’t necessarily reflect a platform’s quality.

Make an Effort to Understand the Platform

Before you start investing, make sure to know how the peer to peer model works. You have to be aware of how the money is lent, and what risks are involved in investing in the platform. You can ask a peer to peer platform about the overall volume, recovery process, defaults, and returns. Don’t forget to do your own research. There are sites that provide reviews for different p2p platforms.

There are two basic types of risks in p2p: capability and intentional risk. A default can occur because of the borrower’s inability to pay the loan or lack of intention. As investors, you must know the recovery process that the platform has in place. So, you know what kind of actions will be taken if fraud happens.

Don’t Go Overboard

It is no news that peer to peer platforms offer high double-digit returns. However, that does not mean you should invest all your savings. Even though it might be tempting to grow your funds over a short time period but never put all eggs in one basket. Proceed wisely and select the amount you want to invest and then diversify.

Diversify, Diversify, Diversify!

This is one tip that can either make your investment or break it. Before investing make sure you understand how to diversify. If you wish to invest on a p2p platform, then it’s better to start with a small amount. Also, you should divide your money among different investment options and peer to peer platforms. You can begin by investing on 3, 4, or 5 online platforms.

It is worth noting that diversification is essential within a platform by choosing different borrowers and among platforms as well. You diversifying can reduce the chances of principal default. You should select as many borrowers profile as possible across the interest rate spectrum. This way, you can average out returns along with risk.

Select Borrowers Wisely

Platforms gather borrowers’ data so you can review it before making a decision. So don’t let that skip your mind. Always make sure you understand the borrower’s profile you are lending to. Look closely at the financial details such as borrower’s average and quarterly bank balance along with the income tax returns other than their mentioned salary or income. Also, it would be best if you clarified with the peer to peer platform regarding the borrower’s family and educational background, number of dependants before you lend the money. It would help if you considered other factors like gender, employment status, and city as these can alter the net returns.

Opting for an experienced p2p platform is very helpful. If the platform has been in business for a long time then they will have all the essential support in place whether collection support, customer service or legal support.

Stay Invested

Investment is a long-term commitment if you really want to earn big bucks. hence, another thing that can make your investing more fruitful is to remain invested for a reasonable time period, such as one or two years. It would be best if you keep reinvesting the returned principal. This way, you get the compounding effect on your returns, and you may over achieve your return expectation.

Investing in peer to peer platforms is a great way of earning high returns but you have to select a platform carefully. don’t be afraid to read reviews online and to ask around about the provider. No information is wasteful when it comes to making financial decisions. If you plan on investing in peer to peer funding, then wait to see results for the initial period of three to four months. After that, slowly increase the exposure. This way, you can gain more knowledge about peer to peer lending, and it can help you set up better investment strategies in the future. And, don’t forget to use our tips to get the best out of your investment.

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