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Fascinating Team Building Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

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Team building efforts in business often vary dependent on the type of organization, the number of individuals in a team, as well as misunderstandings of the team concept.  In this summation post I preview some fascinating team building tactics that have worked, and, as the authors indicate, why other team building efforts work less well than expected.  There’s some good information to review, so sit back and digest – and then consider how you might be able to use some of these tactics to increase the effectiveness of your team – in business or other circles.  Oh yes, cupcakes anyone?

Why Team Building? – This post describes the benefits of team building, and discourages attempts at team building at the local pub.

Get Your Team to Work Across Organizational Boundaries – This post in the Harvard Business Review describes how you can use a cross-functional process team to examine issues within a business that stretch across business unit boundaries and further describes a social media team process used with good effect and impact. Brad Power,

Help Star Performers Ramp up the Whole Team – In this post the author uses sports teams to describe how a hot hand can help to increase the performance of the whole team, highlighting the beneficial aspects of team play. The Business Sensei.

Why Work In Team? – This post describes the benefits of team work with some good examples in the NGO world.  The author makes some good points about the benefits of team work for youth. Sao Phol Reaseyh at Loy9.

Team Building is Essential Bridge Maintenance – In this blog the author makes a great analogy (with pictures) between bridge building and the benefits of team building and maintenance.  A nice read with some good pointers to support the benefits of team building. Sean Glaze at

Should Team Building be Grounded in Reality or Activities? – This post discusses the benefits of using process activities and simulations to benefit team problem solving and team dynamics. It’s a tad technical for some, but good content nonetheless.  Mike at

Why Consensus Kills Team Building – In this post the author briefly critiques a blog from another article on team building, taking issue with the need for “consensus.” He continues with specific rationale to his issue and illustrates quite well. Bit of a long post, but any well informed and intentioned leader will benefit.  Mike Myatt,

Have You Heard? Leading The Work Team Is Your Best Bet To Grow – I wrote this post with the idea to inform leaders and managers of several techniques they could use to engage employees in a team setting more effectively.  In my experience approachability becomes a key ingredient in the building of a lasting team effort.  Warren Rutherford,

The Cupcake Challenge – In this short post the writer discusses how a team building exercise (making cupcakes for a charitable event) helped team creativity and their sweet tooth; who knows, there might be a cupcake challenge in your business soon.  If so, all the contact info is on the site.  Janet Rudolph, TeamBuildingUnlimited.

How Leaders Create Effective Teams – This post by a premier leadership coach illustrates 4 key tips to create effective teams and provides good rationale for their formation and their development. John G. Agno,

Effective Team Building: 8 Essential Elements for Executives – In this post the author provides 8 great tips to work in a team building process. I’m not going to highlight one over the other – they are all essential – and she does a great service by sharing them with us.  Applied properly and consistently they deliver results. Anne Thornley-Brown,

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