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7 Time Thieves Every Small Business Should Consider

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Are you trying to figure out how to start up a small business, but yet have not had any luck? After that, you need to know the important steps you can take to help you set up a small business easily because it really is not as difficult as it looks.

Here’s a simple equation: the smaller your business is, the more valuable your time is.

Your revenue growth is up to you and your time, as an entrepreneur is more expensive than you may realize to admit it.  The stuck between accounting, banking, answering people on social media and mediating you might find yourself out of time, out of resources, and we haven’t even mentioned: “out of breath”.  There are few things more important than a work-life balance, and a one-man show can’t always win it all.

Don’t worry, though! We’ve put together a list of few notorious time thieves and how to tackle them each at a time.

1) Accounting

Unless you are an accountant by trade or have a strange fascination with numbers, don’t dare to step into the accounting world. The collateral damage is twofold: you will be spending a lot of time on a daily basis, and you may cause some real harm if you miss out on something or are unaware of the regulations. And boy, are those regulations tricky. Living on the edge may be fun, but for the sake of your business, tick that off your list by hiring a professional bookkeeper or at least use an accounting application.

2) Choose a Strong Password

To protect your bank account and other sensitive accounts, you’ll need to make sure you choose good passwords, PINs. Make sure no one can guess your password and PINs, even if they know they know you well or if they can access your personal information. If you must use the words and numbers you know, you can hide them with a hard-to-break code, such as Vigènere Cipher. You can also connect to the Internet to check your randomly generated password program. This can give you a password that is virtually unbreakable or uncrackable password.

Make sure that you do not use a single password for all of your accounts. Try some variation. You should avoid personal identification numbers that can be easily guessed like your birthday, nickname, numbers that follow each other in succession, your phone number, and the last four digits of your social security number. A strong password will contain both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and letters. It should also be at least eight characters long.

3) Meetings

Yes, we know: a real, live meeting has plenty of advantages, and we all can recognize one-on-one (or few) discussions. But who has time for that? Between traffic, people living abroad, other tasks put on hold, and personal life sometimes you just have to think outside the box. For example, you can use a reliable conference call service. Not only has it become accepted, but it values your and other people’s time. Not to mention, with share screen options and other features, it’s almost like the real deal, but better and more convenient.

4) Website Design

You might be a creative person, but lack the creative skills to design your own website or exactly the other way around: a professional designer with too little creativeness. Both are fine, but when you need a website to represent your company or brand, create conversions, be user-friendly, mobile-friendly and enticing, you can’t just leave it to someone who doesn’t know exactly what they’re doing. You could, of course, learn how to do-it-yourself. It very well might, however, turn out as time-consuming and inefficient. Alternately, you could use a template from one of the online template websites. These are usually affordable and dependable Or you may hire a web designer to do layout your website for you. it all upon your web page complexity, it’s desires and, well, your budget.

5) Social Media

If there’s one project that has “outsource” written all over it, it’s social media. Answering to posts and messages takes time, posting them and finding the right topics also takes time, and then there’s the part of connecting your brand to the right links and influences. Maintaining a page or few pages can be time-consuming and is mostly not worthwhile, even if you’re a social media-savvy and even in case you’re interested in knowing what people have to mention. This task is easy to tackle without compromising interaction with your audience: hire a part-time or even freelance employee to handle social media for you.

6) Staff education

The company’s employees are the first line of defense against malicious activities. But they also represent the biggest security gap. Neglected employees are the most common cause of data violations. Management can significantly reduce risks by educating them about basic security measures. This could include how to identify potential risks and why precautions should always be taken. A security plan that does not involve the active participation of employees is similar to an alarm system that was never turned on.

7) Website Updates

The site updates seem to be easy, right? Wrong! This particular task takes a lot of monitoring and coding. Here, you could perform a little and a whole lot of harm if you do-it-yourself and are experimenting a bit too much. You probably put a lot of idea into your website in the first place, and for a good reason: it’s your virtual entity and deserves to be coddled. Don’t throw your hard work down the drain and find an IT guy to handle it for you. A freelance coder allows maintaining internet presence at minimum cost and maximum efficiency.

Above these tasks can also seem innocuous by way of itself, collectively they’re a time-consuming machine. Small business, it’s natural to be unaware of the potential hazards and risks of some duties. The more your business will grow, the more you will learn how to prioritize and when to outsource different tasks. Don’t be tough on yourself, you’ll make a few mistakes along with the manner, but ideally, you will learn from them. Also, using the right applications, people and to do lists can do wonders and help you minimize the difficulties.

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