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The Best Time of the Year to Move

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Have a move in your pipeline and wondering when to schedule? Well, most of the homeowners have issues with finding a perfect date for the move. Whether you decide to move yourself or hire someone, there arelot of factors that contribute to making a move successful and the time of your move is certainly one. When you do not move at the best time, you end up losing a lot of resources along with stress. If you are worried about choosing the perfect dates for your long distance move, here is what the best nationwide movers have to share about the best time to move a house. Let us dig into the details:


The season is one of the important aspects of choosing a moving date. While it depends on personal needs and preferences, it is important that you know about what happens when you move in different times of the year.


Fall practically is the best time to move as it offers you some great deals from the moving companies. It is basically offseason for the movers and hence they offer great price discounts to the ones who choose to move during this time of the year.


This season is the cheapest time of the year for relocation. The demand is very low and moving companies have ample of time to take care of your requirements. They offer you choices to pick a slot of your choice as the demand is really slow. However, this isn’t a very good time to move with a large inventory. Also, moving with children should be avoided during winter.


The weather becomes nice and hence the demand for moving rises. However, it is still lower than in the summer months. You can take advantage of this time as movers start gearing up for the summer demand. However, make sure to protect yourself from the spring allergies which you may catch while moving from one location to another.


Summer is the most preferred time by most of the homeowners. It is also the best time to sell the home before moving as the market has great potentials. You can earn a great price for your home. This is also the time when the moving rates are highest. If you can spend some money, this is the perfect time to move with family and large inventories.

Time of the month:

Once you have settled for the best season to move, it is time that you consider the best month to plan the relocation. Yes, just like the seasons, the month also affects your move in great measures. Usually, professional movers recommend moving from mid- September through April. This is the time when you can save a lot of resources. The movers receive less demand and are flexible with their schedules. So, the time frame helps you with low rates and efforts.

If you are a college student, you may prefer moving in the early fall and late spring, as most of the leases end during this time. Early September won’t be a very good time for you to pick for the move.


Mid-month is usually recommended by professional companies. You must choose to move during mid-month and mid-week. Again, the demand gets dropped and thus you have easy access to negotiations. You should also avoid picking the first and the last week of the month as it is always a busy one. Also, as most of the leases begin during the first week, there is a lot of load with the moving companies.


If you have moved house before, you must have noticed that weekends are a big hassle while moving. Whereas, on the other hand, Monday to Thursday window is relatively free as most of the roads are empty with low traffic. Lesser number of homeowners prefer moving mid-week because of the work schedule. Take advantage of it and plan a mid-week move.

Time of the day:

The most critical aspect of scheduling a move is to pick the best time of the day. If you are a morning person, here is the good news. Taking an early start is always recommended. Morning is the time when you are fresh and so are the movers. The window from 8 am to 10 am is the best to kick start the move.

Moving is a tedious task to start. From decluttering the home to finding the best nationwide moving companies, you have a lot on your plate. Choosing the best time is very important to ensure that you do not have to make a lot of tiring efforts in making your move successful. Depending on your priorities and budget, you must choose the best time and then get going. Hire professionals for packing, loading, moving and unloading help. The best time combined with the best service can make you enjoy the move to the core and then get successful outcomes.



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