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Balancing your Career and Parenthood

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So how do you balance your work and ultimately your career when you start a new family?

I am keen to hear your thoughts, as I find this can be a tricky balancing act!  Here is my typical day and how I am attempting to do it!

6.30am – My day starts with a strong cup of coffee from home. Wonderful peace and quiet for an hour before the little ones awaken. I find this a great time of the day to reply to any outstanding emails,  read and research any new relevant news articles or blogs, schedule some of my social media activity and of course to set my goals for the day.

8.15am – I drop the kids to crèche and then with a vision of what I am going to achieve that day, it is onto the office.

8.45am – Arrive into the office and spend my time executing today’s plan of action. Very often a mixture of phone calls and client meetings.

11am – 25 minute brainstorming session. I do my best to take a break in the morning to access where I am at. Very often a quick phone or skype call to a like minded entrepreneur to share some ideas and thoughts on each other’s businesses.

11.30am – Usually a client session or a meeting regarding potential business.

1pm – A 30 minute lunch break. Including a brief walk and some lunch. I used to skip lunch and then wonder why I felt so weak at the end of the day, so I believe eating lunch is vital for the survival of a busy day!

1.30pm – Another client meeting . I usually spend a good hour and a half in the afternoon setting and preparing for tomorrow’s appointments.

4pm – I put on my “parent hat” and head off to the crèche. Occasional emails are responded to and if I am feeling brave I may even make a phone call or two, but the next 3 hours are very much focused on having fun and laughter with the family.

7.30pm – Once the oasis of quiet settles in for the night (ie. The kids are have been read to, fed and in bed!) A few hours to relax, a leisurely dinner, conversation and an arm wrestle with my wife for the TV remote to catch some of the football. PS.I usually loose and end up watching an episode of “Location Location Location” or “Come Dine With Me”.

9.30pm – I often burst back into life around this time of the day. Many of my blog posts are written, videos recorded and presentations created during the late evening hours. The great thing about my job is I love what I do, so I genuinely enjoy working at more relaxed pace in the evenings. I never attempt anything too taxing during twilight hours.

So that is my day. A very different day than I used to have when I worked for an employer and had no family commitments.  A day with less alcohol consumed than in the past, but maybe a day with more variety and fun.  All that said it is a serious juggling act and not without frustrations, I am lucky that I run my own business and I am able to work flexible hours when I need.

Are you a working parent? How do you manage your time during the week? And what advice can you give me?

Also are employers becoming more flexible with their employees with young families?

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