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How Ozan is Able to Attract and Keep Top Talent

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From giving exciting training opportunities, new tech solutions to work with, and volunteering options, there are a lot of ways Dr. Ozan Ozerk attracts top young talent and keeps them within the company. The founder of the Ozan startup said that money is essential, but it isn’t the key factor employees consider.

To hire the best young talent fitting for a brand new fintech company, Ozan decided to go in another direction. As a young company that wanted fresh talent, they knew that newer generations of employees were interested in a wide range of benefits.

Simply put, younger generations want to feel excellent about their work. They want meaning behind it, a sense of community, and family. It’s not just about paying them. So let’s see how Ozan approached this.

Offering an Idea (Goal) Worth Pursuing

Ozan was founded in 2018 by Dr. Ozan Ozerk. The company is headquartered in London. At the start, it wasn’t one of the largest startup prospects in fintech. However, the idea grew and developed very quickly.

Today, the startup has over 30 members, and not a single employee has left the startup since the whole thing started. Since the beginning, the goal of Ozan was to make money transactions simple and easy.

It is a simple-to-use digital wallet that lets users exchange their money, make payments, or receive them. Many people across Europe and the rest of the world have difficulties with online money management. Their countries often prevent them from making transactions online.

In some cases, when they are able to do them, they are charged high fees. This is what Ozan helps with, and young employees recognized this interesting service that would make people’s lives a lot easier.

Establishing a Strong Company Culture

“With a strong company culture within your office, you can go through some of the most difficult times and sustain your startup,” says Ozan Ozerk, the founder of Ozan. If you want to attract talent to your business, you need to create an adequate culture.

For example, if you want smart people who take the initiative, you need to let your employees have a higher level of autonomy. On the other hand, set up a culture where knowledge is cherished. Ozan was able to grow because everyone was involved and shared their experience.

Even the smallest changes can do wonders for your company culture. For example, this fintech company created a weekly meeting where everyone could come in and give their input. This is how people can share ideas and how their voices can be heard. And, all this creates a more robust community built around the same values.

Ozan Offers Career Progression

Whether or not someone accepts a job offer is often decided by the future opportunities the job presents. Companies need to offer improvement and development options for their employees. People want to learn new things, become better versions of themselves, and move to higher positions.

The first important thing is training programs focused both on soft and hard skills. This is how Ozan was able to attract top-tier young talent that didn’t have lots of experience but many opportunities for a job. These people were looking to stay somewhere for a couple of years and fine-tune their skills.

Ozan gave this to young employees by bringing in people from OpenPayd, the parent company of Ozan. These experts in the field of fintech offer a lot of experience and training that most young professionals would be interested in.

At the same time, Ozan has a flexible responsibility for job positions. People would often rotate their posts to learn which skills different jobs require and help each other understand different roles. This further improved their knowledge but also enabled them to collaborate more effectively.

Strong Company Reputation

Like it or not, every company needs a strong reputation if it wants to bring in the best talent. But how did Ozan create a strong reputation for a small fintech startup? Simple, he turned the story and narrative towards OpenPayd.

He used the reputation of the parent company and brought it down to Ozan. Ozan was presented as an offset of the large company with the extraordinary task of creating a brand new app that will enable easy transactions.

Since OpenPayd is a reputable name in the industry, people wanted to check out Ozan and, ultimately, work at the company. A company that is known for its work practices and products/services will be able to attract better talent.

Dr. Ozan Ozerk made sure to let everyone know who was behind this brand new company from the very start. He simply used the branding of OpenPayd and expanded it to the new startup.

Relationships and Networking

People in the industry know who Ozan Ozerk is. As the founder of Biip.no. and the European Merchant Bank, Ozerk is a bit of a celebrity. This means that many people wanted to meet and learn from him. What better way to do this than to apply for a job at his new startup?

Naturally, everyone wants to know who the people involved in a project are. This brings more context, especially when you check out their backgrounds and how successful they were in the past. Ozan was one of the key players who created a competing site for Facebook.

This might sound impossible at the moment, but it’s true. There are a lot of capable people around him. Young professionals need to network and meet as many experts as possible. This is the only way they can learn and open up future career opportunities.


In modern business, it’s crucial to hire the right talent and retain your employees. Hiring new employees can be a lot more expensive than keeping the current ones. At the same time, a team that works together for a long time will have far better results.

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