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9 Definite Ways to Increase Workplace Productivity

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Workplace productivity can be affected by a number of factors. Even things that look too simple can play their own roles in affecting workplace policies.

It is crucial for the business management to keep a tab on things like these and ensure that the situation doesn’t go out of control. They should research and identify all sources of trouble that might have been hampering workplace productivity in the worst possible way and take immediate actions to nip them in the bud.

Always remember that your workforce is your most prized asset. Naturally, you should take care of them like you do an asset in the best possible way. In this post I have listed a few definite, humane and effective ways through which you might be able to increase your workplace productivity. Take a peek.

#1. Make your workplace a no-zone for motivation killers

You will have several people in your workplace who belong to this category. You have to identify them individually. Once you identify them, give them a clear warning to change their attitude in your workplace.

Tell them that negativity is a contagious disease. They shouldn’t spread that in workplaces especially if it’s an out of context thing and has no relevance.

You should also know that sometimes your organization can play a big hand in the role of a motivation killer. Things like an autocratic management style can gain your organization an instant entry into the bracket.

So review the whole thing. Identify the issues. Go for a change if you find any problem.

#2. An exciting office environment

People like to work in a good office environment where they can work with full peace of mind for their allotted working hours.

An office environment that shows appreciation to their employees and provides them with facilities of further skill developments qualifies as exciting. Productivity will dramatically increase in such office environments for sure.

#3. Gamification can be a real source of motivation

The key to increase workplace productivity is through motivation. Unmotivated employees get bored and lose all interest. This happens as a result of monotonous routines.

When you see unmotivated employees, try implementing things to motivate them in the best possible way. Gamification can be an ace up your sleeve to motivate unmotivated employees. So how does it work? Let’s see.

Gamification is the use of badges, points, rankings, leader boards, challenges and other sorts of related activities to make everyday mundane and repetitive tasks more engaging. You will be surprised to see the ways through which things like these bring a revolution in your workplace. Efficiency you wanted, efficiency you’ll get.

#4. Set rewards based on performance

Performance based incentives can really spur employees to the level of perfection, thereby increasing productivity at the same time. These small incentives act as a real source of motivation, as a result of which workplace productivity increases steadily and exponentially to the level of excellence.

Don’t think of these incentives as a form of cost in any way whatsoever. Think of these as an investment; an invest having high ROI (return on investment).

#5. Setting up clear goals can significantly affect an employee’s productivity

An employee will be more motivated if he knows what he is expected to do at work. He will be more comfortable in his job if he is assigned a clear and fixed goal. Having a single company vision like “go clean and green” can also benefit your workforce in a general sense.

And don’t forget to drop in with your management feedback. It is also important for employees to know that they are being supervised well on basis of their reports and achievements.

#6. Acknowledging accomplishments

Like I already said before, people love recognition. They love to be recognized on basis of their hard work and commitment. Your management should take notice of these things and should recognize individual accomplishments even if they aren’t based on your workplace activities.

If your workplace has an employee who is hugely talented in swimming and has actually won the state swimming championship, don’t hesitate to recognize his accomplishments in front of your entire workforce. Small things like these can really act as a source of motivation and can increase productivity in general.

#7. A safe workplace is a productive workplace

You should bring in strict policies to make your workplace safer from all sorts of unsafe activities, be it a form of natural/man-made disaster or any form of abuse.

Things like fire prevention policies, policies against workplace sexual harassment and so on make employees feel safer at work. And like I said, a safe workplace environment is a productive environment for sure because it guarantees complete peace of mind.

If you haven’t looked into this, you are advised to look into this ASAP.

#8. “Equal treatment of employees” policy should extend even to the lowest level

Your employees must feel their values. They should understand the fact that what they do matters, no matter what they do.

Productivity can be increasingly affected in the negative sense if your employees feel a missing gap in connection between themselves and the top management. Hence, it’s necessary for the management to instill a top attitude even towards the employees at the lowest level.

“Equal employee treatment” should be adopted from head to toe.

#9. Last but not least, communicate thoroughly

Communication is an effective tool of man management in any sort of business operations. If you don’t communicate enough with your employees, you will naturally fail to achieve your target goals. Sometimes, you might even face difficulty to function properly.

So communicate with your employees, take their feedback and devise a clear plan of action. Your workplace productivity will improve for sure.

Maintaining workplace productivity is definitely not an easy job to accomplish. Nevertheless, it can be done with a proper plan of action. Yes, that might include a bit of pain but without no pain there’s no gain my friend. Do it the right way and you will definitely be able to increase your workplace productivity in no time. Good luck!

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