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7 Business Lessons that Cartoon Characters Can Teach an Entrepreneur

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Cartoons are created to amuse kids, and they have nothing useful for grownups” – is something that I get to hear quite often, but that does not stop me from still being in love with them. And I love cartoons not just because they are extremely efficient stress-busters.

When I look closely and delve deeper beyond the usual plot, I find that every cartoon character has a deeper story to tell and a far-reaching lesson to teach me every time. As every big-shot business owner needs motivation and inspiration every now and then to reach greater heights, I thought to myself, “Why should I be the only one to see the silver lining?

Therefore, I have come up with a list of iconic cartoon characters who can impart a few business lessons in their own unique ways.

#1. Remy – Even the smallest can win by following his passion

Long Story Short: A mouse who dreams of becoming a chef makes it big after befriending a human and pursuing its heart’s desire.

Key Takeaway: Remy, who is passionate about cooking, accidentally comes to Paris and befriends a young amateur chef. Not only does it train him to cook amazing delicacies, but also gets recognized for its own talent in the end. People are here to criticize, telling you that you are too small and your dream is too big. You must always remember that each and every Fortune 500 company started as a startup – only with a dream and a handful of employees. If they can, then so can you. PERIOD!

#2. Popeye – Finding your spinach

Long Story Short: A tiny sailor gets the power to take on all odds after eating a can of spinach.

Key Takeaway: We are aware of what happens when Popeye gets to munch on a little spinach. It is his source of Herculean strength. You may be a business owner, but you are human after all. So there is no need to be the Jack of all Trades! Rather, try to find out the things you are better at than the rest – your source of strength – and work harder to polish those skills.

#3. Scooby Doo – It’s OK to be afraid

Long Story Short: A true scaredy-cat, but also the one who keeps walking ahead no matter how afraid he is!

Key Takeaway: Scooby Doo is perhaps the weirdest crime solver in the history of cartoon characters. This Great Dane gets scared at the blink of an eye, but he is also the first one to find the clues and help his gang crack the mysteries. Times will come when you will be in a messy situation and will have to take crucial decisions. But never back out from your responsibilities, and be the leader your employees think you to be! Only then can you overcome your fears and become a successful entrepreneur.

#4. Nemo – Be cautious while taking the leap

Long Story Short: A young clown fish breaks the shackles to experience life firsthand, but getting captured due to inexperience.

Key Takeaway: Nemo was not afraid to taste the unknown, and so shouldn’t you! But unlike him, you must learn to mind your surroundings. While he had his dad and friends to save him while he got captured, there is no guarantee of you getting the same privileges from your close ones in this big bad world. As a business owner, it is important that every step you take must have a prior backing of up-to-date and accurate market data.

#5. WALL-E – Surviving is not enough

Long Story Short: A loner robot left behind to survive, and clean a waste-covered Earth of the future.

Key Takeaway: In an abandoned Earth, WALL-E managed to survive for so long because the robot developed ways to repair and recharge itself using other machine parts. But when love knocked on the doors, it realized that surviving is not enough, and ventured on a journey to change its destiny. Surviving in this competitive world is tough no doubt, as only the smart can evolve and adapt to the ever-changing trends. But it is also essential for an entrepreneur to understand that he must take risks and go beyond the stereotypes in order to make his brand immortal.

#6. Carl Fredricksen – One adventure ends and another begins!

Long Story Short: An old widowed man rediscovers his will to live when he embarks on an adventure to complete the promise he could not keep to his wife.

Key Takeaway: The time Mr. Fredricksen spent with his loving wife was no less than an adventure. But there were many regrets of unfulfilled promises too. Instead of sulking, however, he starts a new journey – with new companions this time – to give his wife what he could not give when she was alive. In the world of business, there are no certainties and nothing lasts forever. Once your favorite project or client goes away, there is no need to feel low. Consider that a better prospect is waiting out there just for you!

#7. Naruto Uzumaki – Have the will to never give up

Long Story Short: An orphan and shunned kid who follows his dreams, and grows up to be the most loved and respected ninja in the world.

Key Takeaway: Naruto did not have any friend while growing up, and everyone in his village looked at him with contempt. And the drive to be acknowledged by them strengthened his will to be the best. The journey of an entrepreneur is not an easy one… and he will have to face tremendous amount of pressures along the way. But giving up should never be an option, and he must always have the zeal to keep trying to reach an extra milestone. So even if you fail and fall, you must get up to fight again.

Are you scared to begin your startup? Has your business venture recently received an unfortunate roadblock? Feel free to take a few inspirational business lessons from the cartoon characters that had made your childhood awesome. I’m sure they can help you find the much-needed enthusiasm you need to shine bright as an entrepreneur. After all, you need to think out-of-the-box in order to stand out from the crowd, isn’t it?

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