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6 Reasons Why Employees Health Matters to Your Bottom Line

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Over time, an increasing number of businesses are realizing that they have a social responsibility that entails employees health welfare that transcends basic risk management practices.

With escalating workload and stress, incidences of employees suffering musculoskeletal and even psychological disorders are on the rise. This phenomenon manifests itself in the increased rate of absenteeism in organizations and decreased productivity from employees who do report to work. This means that employees need support and aid to mitigate long-standing health conditions for longer.

Additionally, workers who have been victims of health conditions suffered at the workplace due to the employer’s negligence do not hesitate in taking legal recourse against them.

Further, if your workforce is aging, you can be sure that they’re going to expect you, their employer, to provide some degree of support for their ongoing health conditions.

This could pinch your pocket unless you take adequate measures beforehand to not only provide them with the aid, but also address health concerns at work.

6 Reasons Why Employees Health Matters to Your Bottom Line

This is where the importance of employee healthcare and wellness come into the picture. Such measures are beneficial not only to employees, but also employers.

Wondering what you stand to gain from them? Here’s more on this:

#1. Reduces Absenteeism

Healthy employees According to Dr. Pete from Cool Springs Chiropractic “are more responsive both, physically and mentally”. Apart from that, they are also fit, i.e. less likely to skip work. If their workplace can help them avert illness and other health problems, they are bound to have a better self-concept, stay mentally sound, and be regular at work.

When offices offer preventative healthcare services, employees can avail those and give back to the organization by being proactive with their tasks.

One of the biggest purposes that these programs serve is that they align the interests of the employee and the employer. Businesses want healthy and content employees, who in turn, want to be that way as well. Hence, the desired balance is created.

#2. It Is Economical

Ever had to cough up a hefty amount of money to pay compensation to an employee who either fell ill or suffered mental or physical setbacks within your office premises due to your negligence? Trust me, you don’t want to be in that situation.

Apart from making your office or factory as a safe place to work, paying careful attention when designing the wellness/employee-benefit program can ensure that you do not encounter tricky situations with your employees.

Think employee health insurance!

Smart employees will participate in and make the most of such programs. If you can help them maximize their savings, they will certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness. At the same time, with a strong health insurance plan, you’re spared of the extra expenses that you may otherwise have to make.

Your plan should not only protect your interests, but also promote healthy living by encouraging regular exercise, good nutrition, and preventative medical care. Such measures will improve the quality of your employees’ life as well as save you from incurring staggering expenses in the long term. Sound health insurance coverage can alleviate the potentially shattering effects of healthcare costs.

#3. Promotes Employee Engagement and Job Satisfaction

Most companies have employee engagement practices in place, which may or may not include healthcare and benefits. However, it is always better to include these elements as they go a long way in making employees feel secure at work and positive about their employer. Positive employees make for more engaged workers.

Engagement can further translate into job satisfaction. When an employee realizes that he/she is going to be well taken care of by the employer, he/she feels more connected to the organization and the loyalty is reflected through increased productivity.

#4. Aids Employee Retention

It’s no secret that people who excel in their particular fields are always sought after in the job market. As an employer, you will have opportunities to hire such people, who will be pursued by other firms as well with similar remuneration. In such situations, the final decision of the potential employee will include considerations such as the benefits on offer.

If the benefits offered by your firm are greater, then the prospective employee will have a more favorable attitude towards you. Similarly, if your existing employees feel motivated to work harder because they feel valued (thanks to the benefits you offer) by you, they’ll be more likely to stick around and continue to churn out great results.

#5. Sets a Good Precedent

Taking healthcare seriously at the workplace can inspire employees to give their health due importance at home as well.

Further, offering affordable healthcare insurance at work can spare the employees the time and effort of finding suitable healthcare packages. This can be especially helpful to people who have limited free time due to job or family commitments.

Often, such people lead busy lives and allocate little (or no) time to their own health and wellbeing. But, when an employer emphasizes on healthcare, it helps them realize its importance.

Several companies facilitate health benefits, including short-term counseling and other counseling services related to wellness, tobacco cessation, and weight management support groups.

Employees should, however, understand that healthcare coverage can vary. It is important that they weigh its advantages and limitations before and ensure that the benefits meet their needs. Without this, the entire exercise could be futile.

#6. Augments the Company’s Reputation

Any company that allows its employees to work in a hazardous environment is sure to get labeled as negligent. Internal as well as external stakeholders, competitors, and the public at large will start perceiving the organization as unprofessional and will probably deter people they know from joining it owning to the safety oversights.

This can ultimately result in fewer people purchasing from the company, which means tremendous losses and a tough time securing funds when required.


Healthy employees make productive employees. And ‘productivity’ is the name of the game for any business, irrespective of its size. Wellness programs and other employee-benefit initiatives not only boost employees’ morale, but also go a long way in enhancing their efficacy at work. The above pointers should help business owners realize the importance of incorporating employee health and wellness schemes in their policies as they are only gaining further momentum.

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