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5 Unconventional Ways to Improve Employee Productivity

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Employee productivity is just another fancy term for trying to get people to complete your work on time. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. You are running a small or large company and you need your employees to generate a certain level of output to keep the profits flowing. So the question is how are you going to do it without sounding like a broken record of “self-help”

Boosting employee productivity is no rocket science, however, there is an art of getting the best out of your employees without stressing them out. A good manager will not assert herself/himself as a regulator at work but rather serve as a mentor. Improving employee productivity begins at the managerial level. According to a study conducted by

#1. STOP micromanaging, be a VISIONARY instead

You are going down on a road to hell if you begin micromanaging your employees. Do not make this mistake. Most people at the senior managerial positions often confuse micromanagement for productivity. A lot of managers feel like they are disconnected from their employees stating it as their primary reason for micromanaging, bringing out endless tasks lists and ultimately creating a more stressful environment. Do not become an anxious manager,

Do not become an anxious manager, instead, become a visionary. Micromanagement is for dull and alienated wage laborers. By assigning daily tasks to your employees, you are handing out work on a silver platter. If employees do not have the incentive to think and assign tasks for themselves then you are definitely not giving them a reason to be productive.

First things first, if you want your employees to be productive, you have to become productive yourself. Transform yourself into a visionary by planning and charting out long term goals rather than short term micromanagement. Begin by charting out your priorities and how you aim to fulfill those.

For example, if you are in the expansionary phase of your business and you plan on bringing in more clients, make a list of things you need to make it possible. Allocate tasks to your employees accordingly and encourage them to give their inputs. Begin by giving them weekly goals, then move to monthly goals and later keep expanding depending on how well your employees perform.

Being a visionary will help you generate more positive inputs from your employees because instead of micromanaging them you are handing them more responsibilities along with the freedom to think for themselves.

#2. Use cloud-based project management tools

Businesses want to modernize themselves by creating mobile apps and staying updated with all the latest technologies, so why not do the same for the company’s internal resources? Your employees run the profit generating machine, that’s why you need to update and upgrade your work place too! Using cloud-based project management tools is the most effective way of boosting employee productivity. Just as team management is essential, keeping track of team work is equally important. Using a simple google doc sheet can also help enormously.

Slack is also a great example of generating better employee productivity. The idea behind Slack is to create a cloud-based space for employees to keep track of their work as well communicate with each other. Slack is great for updating everyone on new tasks as well as keeping all team documents in one place!

Another great example is Wrike, an online project management software which is a great tool to increase employee productivity. Now you can share documents as well as update team work all in one place. With Wrike, you can update yourself with all your team’s ongoing projects as well as upcoming deadlines.

Last but not the least, Skyward ERP is is an enterprise project management tool specifically designed to make your life easier. ERP simplifies all business processes which in turn expand work productivity, from material cost planning to finances and purchases, Skyward ERP is user-friendly, pro sales as well as systematized. To top it all off Skyward ERP can be customized to your requirements!

#3. Taking Short breaks isn’t a crime

According to gastroenterologist David Cornish and psychologist Dianne Dukette, an average human being has the attention span of twenty minutes. This means that your average employee may look like she/he has been working constantly for an hour but she/he might just be staring blankly at the computer screen for half that time. Do not try and over work your employees for productivity. More time is never equal to more productivity. Working more is not working smart.

In order to become more productive, creating a warm and happy environment for your employees is a must. Encourage your employees to take short breaks between work to refuel their energy. A five-minute coffee break or just some fresh air can really make the difference. Moreover, taking short breaks not only reduces stress but it also helps relax muscles and increases overall alertness. So invest in giving more short breaks for immediate results. Your employees will perform better in no time.

#4. A little bit of stress is good

Why are managers aiming to create stress-free environments at work? Your company is not a kindergarten nor is it a day care. Not suggesting managers to deliberately increase stress by handing out more work, no. A little bit of stress is good for the soul! You need to be able to create a stimulating environment for your employees. By setting weekly or monthly goals, you are challenging them to work without your supervision. Creating a fairly healthy stress environment, will give leverage to your employees to take that one extra step towards greater productivity.

#5. Feedback and Team Management

Nothing works better than a team. Create goals for your team and let them identify each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This is the most unconventional method of boosting employee productivity, however, if implemented in the right way it will bring surprising results. Team-centric goals divide work between employees and forces them to keep their end of the bargain. If they fail to provide the desired results, it reflects on the entire team. This way every member not only motivates herself but also offers help to a team member who maybe falling behind. Team management is a difficult task but if each and every member adheres to one goal then their productivity will double. Besides, employees will always feel more comfortable receiving feedback from team mates rather than a senior level manager.

Team management is a difficult task but if each and every member adheres to one goal then their productivity will double. Besides, employees will always feel more comfortable receiving feedback from teammates rather than a senior level manager.

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