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5 Things You Must Do After Publishing a Blog Post

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There are over 200 million blogs on the internet. Most of them get less than 1,000 visitors per month. Only a handful of blogs are able to generate the number of visitors its content deserves. Let me ask you a simple question – As a blog owner, what is the average number of comments you have received on each blog post?


Well, my intention is not to embarrass you but to encourage you to think why you are not getting engagements.

Let me ask you another question – What is the average number of visitors on your blog per day? Do you think only so few a number of people are looking for information in your niche?

If there are more people looking for the information you have provided, then why isn’t your blog visible to them?

Do you know why most of the blogs fail to attract eyeballs? ‘Lack of quality’ is not the only culprit. It is 80-20 rule of blogging that changes the game.

According to Derek Helpern, a celebrated blogger and founder of Social Triggers

“If you spend time writing a piece of content, and that content only gets 1,000 readers, chances are there are one million other people in the world who can benefit from what you wrote.

Why, then, would you spend more time creating content when you already have something that your ideal customers can benefit from?

That is why I spend 80% of my time promoting content”

This summarizes the need of investing more time in promoting the content to a huge audience rather than just creating a lot of content. The content promotion also helps in generating high-quality backlinks that are the backbone of good ranking of your website on search engine result pages.

Here is a list of things you must to do after publishing your blog post

#1. Sharing on Social Media

Did I say something new? Not Yet! Look further!

I suggest you use tools like Buffer to automate content promotion on social media. Sharing your content once or twice on a few social networking sites won’t help and you may not have time to keep sharing it at different times of the day. After all, your job is to conduct your business perfectly and not waste time in promoting your blog. Tools like Buffer can automate the social sharing and provides you analytics on your audience and the right time to post to maximize engagement.

You can schedule your content on Facebook, LinkedIn 2-3 times a day and on Twitter it should be published 6-8 times a day. You should test different headlines while sharing the same blog on social media.

You should also take full advantage of LinkedIn and Facebook Groups. Search your niche keywords to join relevant groups. If you post high-quality content, these groups can make it viral And you will get decent traffic over a long period of time.

If done correctly, social media can increase engagement and traffic on your blog by more than 500% in the same time and with the same efforts which you have been doing today.

#2. Mailing it to your Email List

Businesses which have a blog on their website see twice as much email traffic than those who don’t have regular blogs. You should inform your email list about the new blog as soon as you publish it. Select Aweber, GetResponse or MailChimp as your email service provider to automate email marketing efforts. Madmimi, ElasticEmail and SendGrid do almost the same things at a fraction of the cost. The choice of email service provider will depend on your list size, budgetary constraint and automation requirements.

#3. Posting on Forums

This strategy requires some homework. You need to identify the right forums for your niche. Also you need to write at least 50 posts in general before you can post a link. Once you develop a great reputation you can generate good traffic from forums. Check out the guide on how you can identify right forums for you.

#4. Posting on Blog Aggregator Sites

Blog aggregator or community sites are looking to discuss and vote for your blog. These are the best sites to post your content. Just submit your blog and community members will discuss and vote on your content. Posting content on these sites generates excellent and stable backlinks.

There are several such sites. A list is given below.

Preferably begin with Reddit. Search your niche keywords in the subreddit search to find a relevant subreddit. Ideal subreddit should have few thousand members.

Below are few more sites where you can post your content.

  • Hacker News (Startups and computer science)
  • (Inbound marketing)
  • Product Hunt (Product creation)
  • DataTau (Data science)
  • Biz Sugar (Small business)
  • Boxnutt (General)
  • Lobsters (Technology)
  • Alltop (Directory of blogs)

#5. Generate stable Links with the help of Roundups

Link roundups are link builders’ dream. Link roundups are daily or weekly curation of your industry content. Link roundup administrators pick high quality content and put it into their roundup. It works efficiently when it comes to generating traffic, engagement or comments on your blog.

You can find the link roundups in the following way:-

Search on Google for “intitle:roundup”+[keyword]

Send an email to roundup creators along with link of your best content. If they like your content, it will be included it in their roundup. In future you can directly send them the link of your new blog to be published in their link roundup.


I have told you five things you should do after publishing your new post. If you do all of these and nothing else, your blog will definitely grow. The search engine ranking of your blog as well as the website will improve over a period of time.

Like any other field, consistency is the key to success in content marketing. You should develop a list of tasks and complete each task after publishing a new blog post.  It will determine the success or failure of your content marketing efforts six months down the line.

Before you move on, leave a comment below and tell us the type of promotion you do after publishing a new post. Also let us know if you are going to do anything additional after reading this post.

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